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So Sunday was my birthday!  I had a crazy birthday week.  Whatever could happen happened but my birthday weekend turned out great.  We all went ice skating at Piedmont Park and then went to Flip Burger for dinner.  Skating was fun but we didn't realize Piedmont's rink was so small and the ice was horrible.  Who would have thought we would appreciate Centennial's ice skating rink?  But the lights and music at Piedmont were nice and I think everyone had fun.  Flip Burger was great because they have great food.  I didn't realize how popular it has become, our wait was 55 minutes.  But I think it is worth it, their hamburgers and milk shakes are incredible.

Here are some pics from skating:

These are from The Godfather's camera.  I think they are so cute.  I need to download the pictures from my camera.  I will post those soon.

Well, my DSLR  will not be available until mid-Febuary so I guess that will be a Valentine's Day present.  I have gotten electronics for the past 5 years for Valentine's Day so I guess we shouldn't break that tradition.  Here's a picture of my soon to be beautiful camera.

So since no camera,  JT and Addison took me to Williams-Sonoma and Anthropologie for a shopping spree on Sunday.  I'm so excited about two things I got at Williams-Sonoma.   The Prepara and a Cuisinart Ice Cream maker.

The Prepara is a herb savor.  I buy so many fresh herbs at the grocery store, like rosemary.  And they are dry in 5 days.  The Prepara will be a money saver.  The herbs are always in water so they won't dry out and you keep in your refrigerator door.  So simple, I could have thought of that.

My ice cream maker is what I'm really excited about.

There's blog a read call Oh Joy! and they have a recipe for a Coconut Frozen Yogurt that I have been dying to make.

The recipe is here.  Doesn't look yummy.   Of course I will be making homemade chocolate ice cream for Addison.  I don't think Addison has had homemade ice cream so I'm excited to make it for him.  I remember my grandmother making homemade ice cream and I tried to help turning the handle on the ice cream machine.  It was impossible to to turn.  Thank god for electronics.

Well, before I go aren't these spatulas the cutest?

Williams-Sonoma has a whole Star Wars line.  We got Addison the apron and the pancake molds but we definitely have to get these spatulas now.

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