First post

So after spending countless hours and days reading other people's blogs I have decided to create my own.  I thought it would fun to share my passions.  I have found a new love with scrapbooking, cooking, baking, and soon photography so I thought I would share.  I warn you sometimes I am not that interesting and I'm a horrible speller.  But I think this could get interesting.  JT will be getting me a new DSLR for my birthday and I would love to share my photos.  I want to become a better photographer and with research and reading books hopefully I will.  This blog will also be about family and friends.  I have a goofy family and our household is one big animal farm.  I hope everyone enjoys this and enjoys going on this journey with me.
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  1. You are interesting!!! Your the best neighbor someone could ask for!!! luv ya!!!


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