Happy Humpday

Yesterday, was a very busy day so I did not post or cook but I did bake.  I went over to Melissa's house last night and we baked honey oatmeal wheat bread.  It turned out great!  Pictures will be posted soon.

I also started my new semester yesterday and it was great being back at school.  My college has been building a new Engineering building for the last year and it is finally completed and opened.  So I get to have my classes in a new state of the art facility.

Isn't it nice?  Yes $33.3 million later we have 23,300 square feet with 36 labs, 12 classrooms, 2 seminar rooms and a 200-seat lecture room.  This is a big deal because our old building was really old, I think it was built in the 60s.  So it's great that I get to spend my last two semester and this new building.

So every morning I see Addison off to school, clean up, start some laundry, and while I'm eating breakfast I surf the internet.  I look at cooking blogs, tech blogs, photography blogs, baking blogs.  Something usually inspires me to make that, cook that, bake that, or buy that.  But, today nothing.  Anthropologie is even having a sale and nothing.

So I thought I would let everyone know where I get my stamps.  I found a wonderful place online called Papertreyink.  I love them because they sell clear stamps that you just put on an acrylic block.  I like being able to see where my stamps is going to be.  I also love them because you just don't buy one stamp it is a collection of stamps and they also show you pictures for inspiration.  I also love love them because they have the best paper.  It's thick enough to make cards that stand up and it's not expensive.  I have looked around at other paper and this is the cheapest by that amount you can get.  You can get 50 sheets for $9. Mentioning the paper they have matching ribbon, matching buttons and matching felt with any color.  They call it Perfect Match.  This makes it so easy for me. There all lot of different shade of reds, blues, and greens.   I also love love love them because they come out with die cuts that match the stamps.  So you never have to worry about cutting around a stamp to make it 2D.  They come out with new collections of stamps, paper, and dies every month on the 15th.  They preview what's coming out about 5 days before and then everyone goes online and talks about it on a forum.  Then at midnight everything goes up for sale.  I have stayed up many times deciding what to get.

This month I'm excited about this stamp.

and these dies to go with it.

My shipment arrives tomorrow.  I can't wait to make birthday cards.  So if you know anyone that's having a birthday soon let me know I'll make a card.

I also purchased this stamp and die last month

These will be used for our Valentine's cards.  

And this stamp and die I purchased last month 

Which I already showed two cards I made.

Well for nothing to say today I sure did say a lot.  :)  I will post pictures of Melissa and I baking later.  Bye.

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