Is today Wednesday?

I totally forgot what day it was.  I don't know if it's because it was cold and rainy yesterday or because Addison usually has robotics on Wednesdays and he didn't but all day I thought it was Tuesday.  Well, I have to get some homework done before my class at 6 so this will be short.  It's my least favorite class.  One reason is because it's at 6 o'clock at night and I just want to cook dinner and stay warm.  Another is there's only 8 people in the class and I'm the only girl.  Why are there so few woman engineers?  I guess we will touch on that subject later.  Another reason is my teacher talks really monotone so I start getting really bored and sleepy very easily.  But the class is interesting it's Audio Technology, so it's all about sound, what we hear, acoustics, and music.  Maybe I can be the engineer at Philips Arena one day.  :)

Well, let's talk about paper.  One of Ayanna's co-workers asked me to create some bridal party invitations.  I thought I would show you my process.  It basically entails making a card taking a picture and texting it to Chamel and The Godfather.  Oh and of course asking my husband, but he is color blind so his opinion doesn't count.  Oh and he also thinks everything is wonderful and beautiful I create so he's not a real critic.

Well here's the process.....

First I started with this card but I felt like something was missing and The Godfather said it was too white.

Then I tried to change the background, make the white a cream and add a flower.  I thought the flower was too big and I still didn't love it.  

Then I decided to flip it around and add a frame.  I also decided to let the birdcage hang instead of using the stand.  I really liked this and so did The Godfather but I felt something was missing. 

This finish product.  I decided to add and empty cage to symbolize how they are getting married and together now.  Do you like it?

 Once I figure out a design it doesn't take me long to mass produce.  The design part is what takes forever, this process took about 3 days.   I hope she likes it, so I can start making these.

Oh and before I go we have to talk about food.  I used my ice cream maker last night.   Addison wanted chocolate ice cream so I made chocolate ice cream.  It was about a 3 - 4 hour process but the end result was delicious.  I'm so excited about all the other flavors I can create.  I'm thinking Neapolitan ice cream with a Neapolitan cake.  Someone needs to have a birthday pronto.  I'M READY!!!!
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