Lazy Sunday

Sunday, January 30, 2011

It's beautiful here in Atlanta, sunny and in the 70s.  Instead of going outside and riding bikes or playing with the dogs, we actually spring cleaned.  JT has been out of town all week and I just wanted him to help me get some stuff done.  So we moved everything around in the kitchen and scrubbed.  We also organized and cleaned are bedroom.  Our bedroom always is the worse.  JT works so hard he just washes his laundry and then leaves it in a basket in the bedroom.  I also have the habit of trying clothes on and then putting them in the chair in our bedroom.  So because of this wonderful sunny day, that made us realize we needed to get some stuff done we cleaned.  We actually enjoyed the day together, we took breaks, talked, and did not turn on the television once.  Our kitchen and bedroom look great!!!

I found another craft project I love.  I can't wait to make these.  They are flower zippers.

I'm thinking about making these for my nieces so they can put them on headbands and hats.  I so need a little girl.  :)

We also made mint chocolate chip ice cream last night and it turned out Minty and Yummy. 

It's amazing how fresh mint taste compared to store bought ice cream.  I think Addison thought it was a little to minty but I loved it.  I got the recipe here from Williams-Sonoma.  My next flavors will be strawberry and raspberry chocolate.  The Godfather asked for raspberry chocolate ice cream.  

Super Bowl Sunday is next weekend and I'm already deciding what to make if The Godfather has a Super Bowl Party.  I'm thinking Shrimp de Gallo, Grilled Chicken and Pineapple Quesadillas, Mexican Layer Dip, and Olive and Artichoke Dip.  I got my inspiration and the recipes from The Pioneer Woman.  I love her blog. 

I also told Val I would make the girls (Alissa and Alexis) their birthday cake this year.  With luck, I ran across this cake from Sweetopolita.

Doesn't it look amazing.  It's a Neapolitan cake.  I told her I would make homemade ice cream also.  I just had to make chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry ice cream if I was going to make this beautiful cake.  I hope it turns out.  JT is professional at icing (he's more patient than me) so he will be helping out on this one.  I'm thinking maybe I could make one for the Super Bowl party for a trial run.  All the men will be wondering why I brought a pink cake.  :)  I guess I'll need to throw a football cake in there to man it up.  I'll let you know how everything turns out.