3 Crazy Days

So my baby boy left at 5 AM today for his first school trip.  His grade is going to Jekyll Island 4H for 3 days.  This is the first time Addison has gone anywhere without me or family.  I love his teacher and his 2nd grade teacher is there too so I know he will be fine.  But they were not allowed to take cell phones so I won't be able to talk to him everyday.  My mom brain keeps wondering if he's ok and if he needed me could I feel it.

He's growing up so fast.  This is the start of sleep away camp when he's gone for a month.  And going to Washington DC or Disney World with out me. I guess I have to realize if he's going to compete in diving and swimming there will be out of state meets.  So this is the beginning of his independence.  I think I better start working on having another baby.  :)  Maybe a girl this time so she will really never leave me.  Wait!!!  Slap me please, I am not ready to have another screaming new born baby.  And definitely not ready to be pregnant again.  UGH!!

Look at that smirk.  He's like "Peace out Lady".  I'll be in college soon.

Addison and Kevin look way too happy.  The food better be horrible there.

Well, I still have class to keep me busy.  But I will be baking for the next 3 days to keep me calm.  I think I'm going to look up recipes for cupcakes for dogs.  Yes, I know I have gone crazy.

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