Family Dinner

So I didn't bake like I said I was going to and I didn't make any cards but I did make an incredible dinner.  I read blogs and go through the Williams-Sonoma recipe finder to find inspiration on what to make for dinner.  Williams-Sonoma had a whole steak house section.  I asked Addison what he wanted for dinner and he said steak would be great, so we made steak.  Their website had about 20 steak recipes to choose from and about 30 sides.  I picked Beef Tenderloin with Bordelaise Sauce, you can find the recipe here. I also had to decide on sides.  I decide to try a brussels sprouts recipe since they are JT's favorite vegetable.  Addison's and mine is asparagus and broccoli and I thought it would be special to make something different.  I made Brussels Sprouts with Bacon and Thyme, the recipe is here.  I also decide to make Mac and Cheese for Addison.   I make the best mac n cheese that I usually make for the holidays.  On the Williams-Sonoma they had a Mac n Cheese from Wolfgang Puck.  Since it was Wolfgang puck I decide to try it.  Well it wasn't as good as my holiday Mac n Cheese but it was good.  The Mac N Cheese recipe is here.

The dinner took 2 hours to cook.  The funny thing is JT called and said he had an emergency response so he was going to be home really late (he got home at 12:30 AM).  Luckily I called Michael to invite him over for dinner so I didn't make this elaborate dinner for just Addison and I.  The dinner turned out spectacular.  Addison didn't like the brussels sprouts but he never liked brussels sprouts.  The steak turned out perfect and the mac n cheese was ok.  It's not the mac n cheese's fault, the holiday mac n cheese is very hard to beat.

Here some pics of the dinner:

5 oz of bacon for the brussels sprouts.  BACON!!!

Michael chopping the brussels sprouts.

Mac N Cheese in the oven.

Michael the wine is for the steak sauce!!!

Michael doesn't listen, he had two glasses. 

Brussels Sprouts ready to be cooked.  They look like little cabbages.

Oh Steak.  Yummy juicy steak.  It's almost done!

 Brussels done.  It's time to eat.


Well, after dinner we were so full so we decide to watch the tv show, "Nikkita".  After TV Addison brought out the UNO cards.  Addison won the first game. The second game took us 1 1/2 hours to complete.  Michael finally won, but I started thinking we were playing wrong.  That has to be the longest UNO game in history.  Well, time to watch a movie and then bedtime.  Talk to you later.
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  1. We don't want the link to Wolfgang Puck's mac 'n cheese; we want the good stuff. Post your recipe for the holiday mac 'n cheese, already!

  2. Should I give out my secret recipe of mac n cheese? But then it wouldn't be a secret.


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