Great Weekend!!!

Sorry for not blogging until now but we had a busy weekend.  This weekend the weather in Atlanta was amazing.  It was in the 70s and not a cloud in the sky.  My favorite season is fall but it seems like fall is very short in Atlanta.  It's either really hot or really cold.  I want to be able to wear boots, sweaters, or long sleeve shirts without a jacket or without sweating.  This weekend I wore my Frye Engineer boots with leggings and a short sleeve shirt.  I was comfortable and happy.  I really hope this weather stays for at least 2 months.

Saturday we all went to Piedmont Park with the dogs.  It was Addison, JT, me, The Godfather, Larry and William.  We also saw Princess Charles and Brent Star there.  We had such a great time walking around in the sunshine.  And the puppies enjoyed running around in the dog park even though I don't think they care for other dogs.  I've realized since our dogs have each other they really are not that excited when other dogs around.  They didn't really play with the other dogs, they just played with each other.  Great, I have ant-social dogs. 

Here are some pics from Piedmont Park:


I have such a good looking family, don't I?  I love my men!!!

Sunday we went to LensCrafters to get JT and I new glasses.  He got a pair of Prada glasses that make him look distinguished.  And I got a pair of Tiffany glasses that make me look classy.  :)  They will be ready in a week and I can't wait to pick them up.   Then of course we walked over to Williams-Sonoma to pick up a few things.  I know I'm addicted.  But, JT said he would rather buy me stuff for the kitchen than just waste money on just stuff.  

He bought me a ceramic chef's knife that I love.  It makes cutting so easy.  I swear this is great knife.  I don't want to use any other knife now.

He also got me a chinois strainer and a microplane rasp grater.  While making ice cream I realized I needed a better strainer to get my ice cream really silky.  Also the grater I had grated my lemon and oranges in pieces that weren't so small.  Addison was noticing the zest and not liking it.

We also got a whole lot of spices and some truffle finish sauce for cooking.  I'm going to have a fun week of cooking.  Luckily, next week is my spring break and I do not have any test this week.  So no stress for 2 weeks.  YEA!!!

Oh I sprinkled some of the Potlatch seasoning on some salmon tonight and cooked it. It was amazing.  I use the Herbs de Provence in soups and chicken dishes but what I found is so yummy is sprinkle it on steak, on both sides with salt and pepper.  It gives it this yummy crust on your steak.  This is what I used when I made the steaks Thursday.  Try it you won't be disappointed.  The Truffle and Salt I sprinkle on just about everything.  I make simple potatoes have more dimension.  It's a little pricey but a little goes a long way.  I don't know what I am going to do with the Truffle finishing sauce.  I will keep you updated.  
Well, that was most of my weekend.  Oh yeah, before I go.  Is this that biggest bulldog you have ever seen?

He was at Piedmont Park and I swear he looked about 80 pounds.  He was so cute, but we were wondering what they were feeding him.  I was thinking cats or small dogs.  :)

Bye for now!!!

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