Happy Valentine's Day AGAIN!

So since Addison was sick last Monday for Valentine's Day and I have had noting but test, I have finally sent out the rest of our Valentine's cards today.   Only the people that live in Georgia are receiving late Valentine's.  I think it's funny everyone else in the U.S. received theirs on Valentine's Day, usually it's the other way around.  They were almost completed so JT and Addison helped finish them up last night.  I couldn't just let them sit there and go to waste and I know I would not use them for next year.  I know next year I would want to create a whole new and different card.  So they are a week late but its the thought that counts.  Right?

Here's the card.  Better late than never.

I also planned to bake all these wonderful whoopie pies for Addison's class and teachers.  And make his class little red favor boxes with hershey kisses in them.  Well, Addison got sick last week and then went to Jekyll Island.  This week Addison is on winter break (I never had winter break).  So if I still decide to do all of this, it will be 2 weeks late.  I guess I'll just have to wait and see what happens this weekend.  

Ok enough about Valentine's Day until next Monday.  :)  I have noticed I was getting a lot of page views last week and only half from last week this week.  Am I not that interesting anymore?  I think if I don't blog everyday or every other day people loose interest.  So I was thinking I need a theme for each day.  Like every Wednesday mention things I love.  I'll try it out and see if it takes off. And would love for everyone to comment and tell me things they love too.  So here it goes......

Things I love

1.  My Keurig Coffee Machine - it makes delicious coffee and even hot apple cider.  It just depends on what K-cups you buy.  The Godfather bought this for us two Christmases ago and it is still our favorite.  Addison makes apple cider and hot cocoa with it in a flash.  And JT uses everyday for his morning coffee.  

2.  My iPad (of course) - Yes we are an Apple family.  We made the transition from PC to Mac about 4 years ago and have never looked back.  We have everything from iMacs to iPhones to Apple TV.  I love them all but the one thing I love is my iPad.  I do everything with it.  I have all my school textbooks on my iPad so all I bring to class is a notebook, a pen, a calculator, and my iPad.  Addison watches movies, plays games, and reads books on the iPad.  JT tries to use the iPad but we usually don't share with him.  : I surf the web,  shop, read all the blogs I love on my iPad.  I even watch movies while I'm in the tub on my iPad.  :)  And the best thing is I cook and bake with my iPad.  I have all my recipes saved and it's the smallest prettiest cookbook I have ever had.  

3. My new camera, Panasonic GF2 - I had to put my new toy.  It has made me so happy.  I am loving the way all my pictures are coming out.  Ving and I have decided to go to a photography class together and I might join a photography group.  I can tell this is going to be a new hobby that I'm going to love.  I have always loved taking pictures and now this camera has made want to learn how to be a great photographer.  The only problem is a need new models.  I think everyone is getting tired of Addison and dog pictures, but they are my babies.  

4.  My All-Clad Slow Cooker - This is the best slow cooker I have ever used.  I know you ask, "Why?, aren't all slow cookers the same?".  Well, this one is special because it comes with a cast aluminum insert.  You can brown your meat or cook your veggies in this insert on the stovetop!  You don't have to dirty up a skillet, the slow cooker does it all.  It goes from stovetop to slow cooker with ease.  I have made many things with this slow cooker and everything has turned out yummy and easy.  Using a slow cooker is easy to begin with and this makes it so easy there is not excuse not to use it.  

I think that's enough for today.  I noticed all of these items are electronics.  Well, I am a nerd and I am an electronic whore.  My husband jokes that I never want diamonds I want electronics.  But, electronics make our lives so much easier.  And they are so shiny and pretty.  :)  I hope to hear about everyone's things they love.  Addison would like to mention his is the Playstation 3.  :)

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