Happy Valentine's Day

So I have been planning for a month about what I was going to  make for Valentine's Day.   I ordered everything early and started making cards.  Well, guess what Addison is sick.  Since Addison is sick he didn't go to school today.  So I did not bake yesterday or finish the cards.  So I am officially moving Valentine's Day to next Monday.  Addison class WILL get their candy and his teachers WILL get their fresh baked goods.  Oh and I will mail out all the cards by this week.  Things happen and I think it will be just as special next Monday.

Here are some pictures of what's happening in Addison's sick bed.

Luna laying on Addison.

Isn't Luna a great nurse?

Doesn't he look so sad?

Emmy trying to take a nap.

I can't believe all of them can fit in Addison's bed.  At night the cat usually joins.  I feel sorry for Addison's future wife. He will think it's normal for 3 animals to sleep in the bed with them.

Oh and I did get flowers, of course.  JT gets me flowers every Friday so I guess they are not really Valentine's Day flowers.  I love fresh cut flowers in the house.  I swear flowers relax and brighten our house. 

Well, I have done all my school work for tomorrow so I'm going to rent a movie and enjoy a relaxing night.  

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