My new toy has arrived

I am so in class right now blogging, multi-tasking at its best.

So my camera arrived this morning!  I didn't get any sleep once I got an email saying it had been shipped I kept refreshing UPS tracking all night.  UPS stated it should arrive by 10:30 AM and it arrived at 9:46.  I had to finish some school work and go to class at 1 PM, so I really haven't been able to play with it.  I did go to MicroCenter to pick up a SD card so I was able to take a few pics of the puppies.

Emmy Lou looking so pretty.

Luna not getting trouble.

Luna stretching, Downward facing dog

I know I have the cutest dogs in the world.  :)  They make great models.  Right now, I only have a 14mm lens so this weekend I will be looking for a nice zoom lens.  I can't wait to take pictures of Addison in action in all his activities.  Addison diving, Addison swimming, Addison playing tennis, it's endless.  

I still have to finish up Valentine's cards, bake for Addison's teachers, go to a birthday party, and study for a test so I will be crazy by Tuesday.  But I will be taking many pictures and posting them.  I hope everyone enjoys.

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