Nu Shooz

So today I got bored and I couldn't believe it.  Class was over and I didn't have to rush home to take Addison to any activities.  It was 3 PM and JT wasn't going to be home for a while.  I didn't want to bake since I have baked for 2 days straight and working on cards just really wasn't what I wanted to do this afternoon.  So what did I do?  I went to Willlams-Sonoma.   I know I'm a dork.  I have no child and what do I do I go to a cooking supply store.  I felt like I should have called Princess Charles and had a cocktail in mid-afternoon.  I was going to go to a movie by myself but there's nothing out.  So the only thing I could think off was Williams-Sonoma and get some baking stuff.  See I really do need stuff.   I'm making Jay cupcakes for his birthday this Saturday and then I'm making Alisha and Alexis the Neapolitan cake for their birthdays this Sunday.  So I was just thinking ahead of time.  Also, there's something about the smell of cocoa, vanilla, and sugar that calms me. And making cupcakes and cookies for my class just put me in a great move.  Everyone was so happy and thankful.  There's just something about fresh baked goods.  It's pure love.

So since I am analyzing what a dork I am (and why I'm not going out to a club on a Thursday night since I don't have Addison and don't have class tomorrow),  I have realized how my life has changed.  I went into my closet and looked at all the shoes I used to wear.  I use to be all about heels and fashion.  Now I wear Uggs, Frye harness boots, and Anthropologie.  I do consider Anthropologie still fashion but it's not go out on the town wear.  More like romantic comfortable wear, mommy wear.  I think this change happen because of motherhood but I also think it was school.  When I am going to class, I want to be in the most comfortable shoes and clothes and since I still love fashion I will not be one of those people who are in class in their pajamas.  But, I do realize I have probably lost my fabulous fag hag card.  No shopping at Arden B and Bebe anymore.  I have switched out my W and Vogue Magazines for Martha Stewart Living and Architectural Digest.  Life is so funny.

From this

Wore these to the Police concert 4 years ago.

Still love these. Nice Platform

Cute but the most uncomfortable shoes I own.

My favorite shoes.  The Betsey Johnson I had to have.

Kind of comfortable because it's a platform but still not flip flops.

To This

Love my Uggs.  It's like wearing house slippers all day.

My favorite boots.  JT actually has the exact same pair.  

I know most of those are spring and summer shoes but once it starts getting warm I will be in sandals and flip flops.  I do have nice sandals though. And I'm thinking about buying these.

Definitely these.

Well, hopefully I won't be in orthopedic shoes anytime soon.  Addison will be home tomorrow!!!!

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