Stepford Wife

So The Chosen One said today I need to start making aprons.  She said I should branch out and start working on fabric.  Of course my husband replied by saying "She can't sew worth a damn".  But hey I think I could learn.  Wait don't I have enough on my plate with baking, cooking, card making, and getting a double major in Computer and Electrical Engineering?  Oh lets not forget being a mother and a wife. So since I can't sew and I love to cook and bake I thought I could show you my favorite aprons.

Here are some lovely aprons from Ice Milk Aprons.  

We have waist aprons.

Full Aprons

Children aprons

Mom and daughter aprons

 Next we have aprons from Anthropologie

This is the one I have.

Then we have aprons from Jessie Steele.  Which I think Antropologie sells this line. 

Love this one.

So buying this one.

Jessie Steele even has sexy aprons.  Hubba Hubba!

JT needs to buy me this apron.  :)

Or this one.

I was so born in the wrong decade.  I would love to be a 1960s housewife without the black and women oppression, of course.   :)

Ok this blog is not going to be long.  I had a long day and I'm ready to watch some TV and relax.  I did make Provencal Lamb Daube tonight.  

Well, it's in the oven right now and it had to cook for 3 hours so we will be eating it tomorrow night for dinner.  It will be served over roasted garlic grits.  You can get the recipe here.   I hope it turns out as good as the picture.  

Bye for now.
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