Tea Time

I woke up today a little under the weather, so I have decided to try to relax all day until I have class at 6.  So this entails surfing the internet and watching Oprah.  I watched the episode on Oprah about "Are you happy?"  It was a real eye opener.  They said if a family of four has a salary of $75,000 a year that they have the same amount of happiness than a millionaire.  It made me realize how we all forget how fortunate we are to have shelter, food, transportation, and health insurance.  All the other material goods are just stuff.  I was thinking if I could just cook, bake, teach, and create  I would be just fine.  So I guess this blog is letting me have another outlet in being happy.   They also said if you joined a club that met once a month it would make you as happy as doubling your income.  I have started a book club (well organized it, we haven't decided what book we are reading) and I hope this is true.  I wanted to start a book club because I don't get to socialize with many females.  All my classes are predominantly males and a live in a household full of males.   I thought starting a women's book club would give me a chance to socialize and learn what is on other female's minds.  Ok are we all happy now?  Good.  Now to the good stuff.

So my best friend, hmm... she wanted a nickname so let's call her The Chosen One.  So The Chosen One was helping me decide what to blog about today.  She lives in D.C. so we have been google chatting a lot while she's at work and I'm in school or home.  Don't you love electronics and the internet?  I love how you can stay connected to someone that is thousand of miles away.  Ok back to what I was saying.  I'm so ADD.  So The Chosen One suggested talking about the practice of tea time.  She said if Americans had tea time in mid-afternoon we would be so much happier.   I totally agree with her, but really would Americans drink tea in the mid-afterrnoon?  I think Americans would rather be jacked up on caffeine from coffee and soft drinks.  But maybe that's what is wrong with Americans, we don't know how to relax.  We should just take 15 minutes out of our day and relax, and  maybe sip some tea.

So of course I had to find some cute teapots and tea cups after all this talking about tea.  When I give tea for gifts I give Tea Forte.

I love the way they look.  I have given some to Grandma and she says she keeps the sachet because they are so pretty.  

The Chosen One sent me to this blog.  What a tea set!!!  Perfect for Valentine's Day.

The Chosen One also suggest this site Everyones Tea because everyone loves Japanese tea sets. 


And she's a little crazy so she suggested this one. 

These make me laugh.

I found some crazy tea pot on the Anthropologie website. 

I guess this is for the sailors.

This is a centerpiece.  So Alice and Wonderland.

This reminds me of Dr. Seuss.

This could be Dr. Seuss too.  Interesting. 

This is Chandelier.  I wonder if The Chosen One would buy it?

Here is  a lamp to match your chandelier.  

Wow!  I didn't realize there was so much tea stuff.  Now I just want to decorate a room just for tea, it would be so Alice and Wonderland.  

So before I say goodbye, I want to remind everyone to take 15 minutes to just sit back and enjoy your tea.  

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