Cake Stands

So remember when I mentioned I wanted to start collecting cake stands?  Well the funniest thing happened, Bakerella wrote on her blog last Monday all about cakes stands.  She titled it Pretty Pedestals, you can check it out here.

This picture makes me want to bake.

When I saw this blog I was so happy.  I couldn't wait to see where to get all these beautiful cakes stands.  Well, the store is Sweet and Saucy Supply (don't you just love that name?).  The problem is I don't know which one to buy first.  Well, since I did so well on my two test and our anniversary is coming up.  :)
I guess I'll just hint to JT and see what happens.  I want these:

Ugh!  Lottery Gods please smile on me.  Maybe I can have a new cake stand every 3 months?  The problem is where do store them all.  :(

Oh and I'm not making my special Thursday night dinner tonight.  I had a test today at 1 PM and stayed up all last night studying.  I'm finally eating for the first time today and it is a ChickfilA salad and it's 7 PM.  I was starving to death.  So since it's already to late to start cooking and I can hardly think straight I'm taking the night off.  I might get the itch tomorrow.  I do know but I do know I need to cook some Banana Bread ASAP.  I have 4 rotten bananas looking at me every time I walk into the kitchen.  And Addison has hinted to me more than once that I need to make Banana Bread.  I swear he just asks me to buy bananas so I can make him Banana Bread.  He only ends up eating about 2 in the bunch.  He's crafty!

Well, it's my Friday night so I'm going to relax and watch some movies.  Maybe even play some video games with Addison.  Talk to you soon.
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