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So since it's Wednesday (well it's almost Thursday the day is almost over), it means it is My Wednesday Favorite Things.  I wondered what I would talk about and I decided my favorite blogs would be great.  Reading other people's blogs have given me the inspiration to write my own blog.  I love the way blogs can help you find people that have the same interest as you.  They are also a way to learn new things.  I get craft ideas and recipe from blogs.  So I thought I would tell you my favorite.

1. Pioneer Woman - Ree make me want to give up living in the city and just start a farm.  She was a city girl who met a country boy.  Now they live on a cow farm with all their kids.  Her blog is amazing because she has five sections: confession, cooking, photography, home and garden, and homeschooling.  I have gotten many recipes from this blog and photography tips.  The wonderful thing is she doesn't just give you a recipe, she takes a picture of each step.  I wish I had the patience for that.  Ree has a great sense of style and the best sense of humor.

2. Bakerella - She is the queen of the cake pops.  When I started my baking obsession, I would always go to this blog.  Her blog is cute and her recipes are good.  She also has a cookbook out now called Cake Pops.  I so want to have a little girl just so we can make cake pops together.

3. Oh So Beautiful Paper - This is my favorite website.  I have a new obsessions and it is paper.  I so want a letterpress and open an invitation and card store.  The invitations that show up on this blog are amazing.  I want to renew my vows just so I can send out beautiful invitations.    Look at theses paper-cut wedding invitations, I have tried to convince The Chosen One to quit her job and make these for me.  ;)

And look at these save the date, baby shower, and wedding invitations.  OMG!!

Beautiful wedding invitation!

Adorable Baby Shower invitation!

Creative Save the Date!

I told you I was obsessed with paper.  I could go on forever.

4. Anthology Magazine - this blog just great things for inspiration.  I love the way the pictures look and how they style everything.

5. Oh Happy Day - Jordan lives in Paris, France.  She has a thing for paper and party planning.  Her pictures will make you smile and her design skills are incredible.  

6. Twig and Thistle - they have great design ideas and always have cute tutorials.  This week was DIY number napkins.  This blog makes me always want to throw a dinner party and reorganize my life.  

7.  Sweetapolita - of course.  She's my favorite baking blog.  Beautiful Rosie lives in Canada with her hot husband and gorgeous little girls.  All her baked goods look incredible.  She gives me inspiration to be that talented some day.  Her recipes have always turned out perfect for me.  I discovered her from a picture of her Neapolitan cake on Pioneer Woman's blog and it was love at first sight.  She is also a great photographer, she takes the greatest pictures of her baked good creations.   Rosie is my favorite baker!!!

8.  Hip Paris - because it's about Paris of course.  The pictures are amazing.  You can't go wrong looking at pictures of french pastries and Paris.  

9. Oh Joy -  she talks about food, design, and clothes.   I love that she puts what she is currently snaking on.  She is my kind of foodie.  

10.  Already Pretty - Sally is a normal sized woman.  I think she's a size 10.  She has a passion for fashion and knows what looks good on her.  She takes a picture of what she is wearing everyday.  I love seeing all her outfits.  She also tells where she purchases her outfits.  She talks about jewelry, boots, jackets, heels, skits, pants, sweaters, tops, and everything else.  I wish I knew her so we could go shopping together.  

I hope you check out my favorite blogs and they brighten up your day.  If you guys have any favorites let me know.  

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