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So it's Wednesday.  Remember I was going to tell you my favorite things every Wednesday. 

So I was wondering if I should tell you about my favorite kitchen things.  My friend Melissa received an Williams-Sonoma gift card and ask what she should buy with it.  I had to think there are so many things I love there.  So I thought about it and asked Addison.  Addison helps me cook most of the time so I try to get tools that make it easier for him to help and just make my life easier too.  So we have some great kitchen tools.

1.  Hand Chopper -  we have two hand choppers.  Michael got me the VeggieChop for my birthday last year and then I purchased the Rosle Multi Chopper 5 months ago.  They both work great, the Rosle comes with a basket and extra accessories so you can do more with it, like chop herbs and make salad dressing.   We use them everytime we cook.   Addison doesn't mind chopping onions or green peppers.  Chopping is easy, no stinging the eyes, and clean up is even easier.  I even puree my fruit with these for baking and making ice cream.  I have a food processor but I hate using it all the time, it can be a pain.  That is why I love these little choppers. 

2.  The strawberry huller - I always get fresh strawberries.  We eat them with fresh whip cream, or I make strawberry ice cream, or I use them for baking.  The one thing I hate is taking the stem off of them.  After 5 strawberries, your thumb and thumb nail hurt.  This little gadget does it for you and it so easy.  Addison will ask to do the whole bowl of strawberries.  Another thing that's wonderful about this is it doesn't just remove the steam and leaves, it removes the middle white part of your strawberry that can be bitter. 

3.  OXO Nonstick Tongs -I know you are thinking, "Tongs?"  But I use Tongs for everything when I cook.  From flipping meat, to picking up any type of food.  These tongs are great because the are non-stick but that's not really why I love them.  I love them beceause they lock shut. So they stay closed for storage which is great since I keep my tools in a drawer.  I threw away my other tongs after buying these.  I was going crazy everytime my drawer got stuck because the tongs were open and sideways.  

4.  JT's favorite thing- All-Clad Belgian Waffle Maker- OK JT's favorite thing might be the coffee maker but his second is definitely the waffle maker.  I bought him this nice one last year and he loves it.  JT cooks a big breakfast every weekend, yes he's that dad.   It's usually waffles, bacon, eggs, and sometimes grits or hash browns.  We have been through some waffle maker and he has said this is the best one.  I have only used it twice and I think it's nice but I'm not the waffle master like him.  So if JT loves it, it's great!

5. And last but not least, of course - My Kitchenaid Mixer - JT's mom bought me my Kitchenaid mixer last last Christmas and it was love at first sight.  She is the reason for all my baking.  I was baking before but no this much.  I love it so much it stays out so everyone can see it.  I can whip up batter in about 30 mins because of this mixer.  This is definitely my favorite tool in my kitchen. 

OK, if I don't stop now.  I won't have anything to talk about next Wednesday.  I have linked stuff to Williams-Sonoma website because that's where I bought most of my stuff.  My mixer was not bought there and it's not red it's silver.  I think The Godfather has the red one.  But, I know you can find most of the stuff at other places.  

I need to finish up some laundry before I go to class tonight.  This is my long night because I have lab so I won't be done with class until 10:30.  :(

See you later.
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  1. Yes, mine's red. But if you want, you can buy me the really pretty copper one...with the glass mixing bowl. I could use a little bling.


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