Happy Pi Day!!!

Sorry for not blogging Friday and all weekend.  I had a busy 4 days.  I ended my Spring Break with a bang.  :) I actually hung out with friends and family but I had a blast.  Friday, Addison and I went to see Battle LA.  And then The Godfather and I painted the town red.  We just went all over Atlanta.  First, we went to Little 5 Points to see a band play, then rushed to Atlantic Station for a movie.  We missed the movie so we went to Midtown for Cowtippers to eat a late night dinner.  And even though it was after midnight we were persistent and went the movies on 85.  I got home at 3:30 AM and was exhausted. 

Saturday,  JT, Michael, Daniel, Chamell, Jay and I went to the Red Brick Brewery.  We had never been on a brewery tour and had a blast.  After the brewery Melissa met up with us and we all went to Flip Burger for dinner and Bookhouse for some cocktails.  We ended up home by midnight because we are old and can't hang.  Also drinking all day was for my college days, I just can't do it anymore.

Sunday I slept.  I couldn't get anything done.  I was as useless a a mom's college degree (Got that line from 30 Rock).  :)  JT did get up and make breakfast; his special waffles, bacon ,and eggs.  Then we mostly just laid around and watched movies.  And  JT being the great husband got up again and made spaghetti.  He's the best!!!

Today, I finally feel rested and normal.  Addison came home screaming "Happy Pi Day" and then asked me to make a pie for his class.  I asked him what kind of pie he would like me to make and he said everybody loves apple.  So apple it is.  I decide to make two because I know my son and he would eat the apple pie instead of give it to his class.  So I had him look through my Williams-Sonoma  Baking cook book and he picked out a Strawberry and Mascarpone Tart.  After these important decisions were made, we started mixing pie crust.  I had to make the Tart crust and then two pie crust for the bottom and top of the apple pie.  While the crust were chilling in the refrigerator we went to my Audio Technology class.  Addison loves going to school with me and it gives him time to work on his homework.  After class we started baking the tart and apple pie.  Luckily, JT made enough spaghetti for leftovers or I would have had to make dinner too.  While the apple pie was baking Addison was debating on taking it to school, I had to remind him about the tart.  He told me if the tart wasn't good he was eating the apple pie.  See I told you I know my child.   Luckily, the tart was tasty and the apple pie is waiting to be eaten by his class.  The bad thing is I will never know if the apple pie was good.  I guess Addison will have no problem telling me if it is not.   :)

Here's some pictures of our Pi day pies:

Addison putting egg and cream on the Apple pie.

Look at me trying to get artsy.
Addison putting strawberries on the tart.
Apple pie in the oven.
The Tart!!

It was delicious.
Not the prettiest but pretty darn good.
I hope his class likes it.

Well, of to bed.  I need to start making St. Patrick day cards so I can mail them out ASAP.  I'm also debating on making St. Patty's Day cupcakes for Addy's class this Thursday.  We will see how this week goes.  Talk to you soon.
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