The lazy American

So I have finally started to open an Etsy shop so I could sell the cards I make.  So many people have told me I should sell my cards but I didn't know the best way to do it.  I decided Etsy was the best and easiest place to sell handmade things.  It will be a pain in the butt at first but I hope to get the hang out of it soon.  It's just a process to make the cards, then take pictures of them, then log into Etsy, describe them, upload the picture, figure out price and shipping.  Whew!!!  On top off all that I still have to go to school, cook, clean, bake, take Addison to his activities and be a wife and mom.  I guess I don't need to sleep.

As you can see I have a new widget on the right that shows what I am selling on Etsy.  Please drop by for a look and tell everyone you know. :)

Well, this weekend I just studied.  Saturday, I spent 6 hours in the library.  This was sad because it was 80 degrees outside this Saturday and no clouds in the sky.  But I have a test this Wednesday so I had to do it and I'm proud of myself.  I am prepared for my test and it's only Sunday.  I will study Monday and Tuesday night but I won't be freaking out so much.  Yes, I  freak out before I have a test.  I think about how much time I wasted doing other things instead of studying.  And realize because of this my grade will reflect my laziness.  I know I'm so hard on myself.  But, it works and I end up studying harder and end up doing well.

I wonder if any of you do things to psych yourself out.  You might not psycho analysis why you do the things you do like I do but I think everyone does something.   If we didn't how would we make ourselves do things we were scared of or didn't want to do.  Well, maybe it's just me, I AM crazy.

Or maybe I was raised by an Asian mom in another life.  I say this because we all know Asian mom's raise their kids differently.  They raise them to study and be the best.   To succeed and not worry about playing or having a good time.  I bring this up because I studied with my classmate Zilong.  He's from Beijing, China.  He came to American to go to college, to study engineering.  I ask him if he misses his family and he says yes but he also mentions this is a great opportunity for him.  He wants to stay in America, get a great job, and have a family.  When he was leaving China to come to college his cousins asked if he was going to date any American girls.  His mother told them he doesn't have time for girls he needs to study.  And that's what he does, he is in the library every day and on weekends.  He says he lives in the library and he can worry about girls later.  He realizes what it cost for him to be in school in America and doesn't take it for granted.  He puts in the time to make the good grades and be successful.  So I try to study with him because he makes me not feel lazy.  He makes me want to do better in school.  He makes me realize how fortunate I am to be in school and how wonderful it will be when I graduate with an engineering degree.   But then Sunday comes around and I didn't study today.  Hey, I AM a lazy American.  Baby steps.  :)
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