I'm Back and BAKED!!!

Sorry I had so much to do and got side tracked.  My Audio test was Wednesday night and it went well.  Thursday I was still exhausted and brain dead from studying all week.  Thursday I did make a wonderful dinner for the family. I noticed Thursdays I can really cook.  My Thursday class is over by 2 and Addison just as diving.  So we are home by 6 and have time to really cook a nice meal.  I also don't have class on Fridays so if we make a big mess and only clean up halfway I have time the next day to clean and organize.  I say this because we clean while we are cooking and baking but we end up having a sink and dishwasher full of clean dishes, pots, and pans the next day.  So Thursday nights are my Friday night, I guess.

Oh back to what I cooked.  I made a Pork Loin with Truffle sauce served over Spinach Risotto.  The Risotto was Addison's favorite.  He was still eating it 2 days later.  Risotto is one of those things that take forever to make but turn out so good, so it's totally worth it.

Here's pics of the dinner:

Oh Pork How do I love thee?

Ciao bella

That will do pig, the will do

Look at Emmy in the background.  :)


So that was my Thursday big meal.  I did bake an Apple pie Tuesday and then make Rosemary Chicken Wednesday but they didn't take as long as Thursday meal.  I am already thinking about what to make this Thursday.  Here's some pics from Tuesday and Wednesday:

I hate peeling apples!!

I love homemade pie crust!

I love my slicer and core tool!

Ready to go into the oven.

Rosemary chicken.  My favorite easiest meal to make.

Oh I am excited about something new!!!  I bought two new cookbooks, well I call them baking books.  They are the BAKED cookbooks.  BAKED is a bakery in New York that's won many acclaims.  Martha Stewart has praised them and BAKED's brownie is one of Oprah's favorite things.  The food network also did a special about "The best thing I have ever eaten"  which is their sweet and salty brownie.  I learned about them from magazines and blogs.   Here's a little video about them:

After seeing so much about them I decided to purchase their two cookbooks and I  also live no where near New York to try their baked good.   Well, I am so happy I purchased them.  I laid in bed Wednesday night reading all the recipes.  The bad thing was I couldn't decided what to make first.  I decided Thursday to make the Burnt Sugar Bundt Cake with Caramel Rum Frosting.  It was delicious!!!  Addison has eaten it all up.  You burnt sugar and then mix it with coconut milk then mix it with the wet and dry ingredients.  It makes a very delicious interesting taste.

They only bad thing is I didn't have a Bundt pan only two small ones.  So this meant I needed to get some equipment if I was going to try to bake all these glorious recipes.   So Friday I was off the Williams-Sonoma after tennis practice and a movie with Liz and Addison.  $150 later I have everything I need.  I bought three 8-inch Cake pans, a Bundt pan, a slipmat, a tart pan, pie weights, and some other wonderful things.   It so funny how I get excited about purchasing things for the kitchen.  I used to buy clothes and shoes now it is all about cooking and baking.

Saturday morning I make the Sweet and Salty Brownies and they were wonderful.  They are chocolate brownies with salted carmel inside and then sprinkled with fleur de sel.  I love the mix between sweet and salty so these will be favorite brownies to make.  I also made Grasshopper Brownies.  The are chocolate brownies topped with a creme de methe buttercream and then topped with a chocolate layer.  These are Addison's favorite.

So so far I have accomplished 3 recipes and they have been outstanding.  JT has asked me to make his co-worker Gary a birthday cake.  I have decided the Sweet and Salty Cake.  It's 3 layers of chocolate cake soaked with homemade salted caramel and then frosted with a caramel chocolate ganache.  JT should get a raise after bringing this to work.  :)

Well, I have another test Thursday so my baking won't be that crazy but I will let you guys know what I have created from the BAKED books and how they turned out.

If you interested in baking the Burnt Sugar Bundt Cake I found the recipe here online.  You can also purchased the BAKED cookbooks on their website or any bookstore.  I got mine at Amazon.  They were a really great price there.  Also here's the recipes for Spinach Risotto and the Pork Loin.

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