So I got this new manicure called Shellac or Gel Pro.  They put about 6 layers of 2 different polishes on your nails and put your nails under a UV light in between each polish application.  The manicure is suppose to stay chip free for 2-3 weeks.  I decided to try it since I hate getting manicures.  I hate wasting an hour of my time letting someone polish my nails that will be chipped 2 days later.  I usually only get manicures for special occasions, like dressing up for weddings.  But if this manicure really last for 2-3 weeks I will start getting manicures all the time.

It's like my shoe post.  Once I started being a mom certain things weren't as important.  You use to get my hair done and my nails done but now I feel like those things are a waste of time.  I haven't let myself go, I just have become low maintenance.  I used to be way too high maintenance.  One time I took of work just to get my hair done, this was back when I had a weave.  I know a weave what was I thinking?  Now, I won't even put a perm in my hair.  I believe I look beautiful natural and I don't need all of that. Hey, my husband still thinks I'm hot and I still get looks from men.  Oh and Addison still says I'm pretty.  :)

So I have decided to try to take a picture of my nails everyday so you guys will know if this manicure can really hold up with my busy schedule.  I'm hard on my hands so we will see.  If it does, I will tell everyone female I know to try this manicure.  It's only about $5 more than a regular manicure, mine was $25.  I think an extra $5 is worth not having chipped polish for over week.

Here's the pics.

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