Rainy Saturday

So it rained all day today so we didn't get much done.  JT had to work today and Addison just wanted to be lazy.  We did make it to skating lessons this morning and then went to J. Christopher's for brunch but that was about it.   I caught up on some recorded programs I haven't been able to watch because of school and read some magazine that are almost 2 months old.  I have been to busy to read magazine??!!! That's pretty bad.  The dogs even slept most of the day.  I even decided that I didn't want to cook so JT suggested on picking up Chinese food on his way home.  This is bad since we are trying not to eat any processed food but I guess a treat here and there is not that bad.  I promise to cook and bake tomorrow night.

Oh speaking of cooking, I didn't post the pictures of the lamb roast I made Thursday night.  It turned out wonderful.  For sides I made Northern beans and spinach gratin.

Juicy Lamb

Cheesy Spinach

Addison's Plate

I have no idea what I will be cooking tomorrow.  Maybe chicken or pork?  Hmmm..

Oh and speaking of baking Sweetapolita put a new cake recipe up on her blog.  It's a 6-Layer Rich Chocolate Malted and Toasted Marshmallow Cake.  She says it's the yummiest cake she has ever made.  I got the Neapolitan cake recipe from her blog and that cake was incredible.  I have to make this pronto.  I can't believe it's better than the Neapolitan cake.  We will just have to wait and see. 

Here's her pictures of the cake from her blog:


So I guess I'm cooking and baking tomorrow.  :)

Before I go, look at my future Olympic diver.  He's just so athletic.  He didn't get it from me. :)

Oh Nails look exactly the same so I decide not to post a pic until tomorrow.  We will see what happens after all the cooking and baking I have planned.
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