Spring Cleaning

So I have good news and bad news.  The bad news is I got sick Saturday night.  I either had a stomach virus or it was the Chinese food.  Processed Food is BAD!!!  So I did not bake or cook, but the good news is we cleaned.  Every time I get sick I freak out about the clutter and make everyone clean.  I know I'm a horrible wife and mom.  But Addison's room and bathroom are spotless.  Addison took everything out of his closet.  All the clothes he couldn't wear went to Goodwill and he organized everything else.  JT really kicked butt today.  He moved everything under our bed and moved the furniture so he could shampoo our bedroom carpet.  It looks brand new and everything smells so good.  JT also took everything out of the linen closet, threw away old towels, and donated sheets to the Goodwill.  I scrubbed the doors, the base boards, and corners.  Our house looks so good I feel like I should get sick more often.  I told you I was terrible.

JT thought it would be funny to put Luna in the linen closet.

Luna didn't think it was funny.

Finish closet!!!

I also started reading a book about my camera.  I really need to sign up for a class but for now I really want to learn how to work everything.  My pictures are turning out good.  It's my actions shots that I'm not that excited about.  I really need to learn how to tweak my shutter speed, focusing, and how to follow my subject.  Addison's diving pictures were very hard to take and they still didn't turn out great.  The problem is diving is indoors so the light is not that great and he's pretty far away from me.  I hope this book will teach me a lot. 

Tomorrow will be a great day.  No school and Addison doesn't have any activites.  Maybe I will get some cooking and baking done.  We will just have to see.

Oh I almost forgot about my nails.  They held up!!!  I'm totally sold.  I scrubbed with bleach and soap today.  And I mean really scrubbed, I even used my nails to get up stuff.  Guess what?  No chips!!!  I couldn't believe it!  After washing and scrubbing I would think there would be some chipping but they look like I just got them done.  The bleach didn't even effect the shine.  I'm amazed!

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