I had over 60 views on my blog yesterday.  That's amazing.  I hope it's a good thing.  I enjoy talking about cooking and baking but also it gives me a way to just get things off my chest.  So in a way it's like therapy, I talk and you all listen.  Hey, works for me.

So yesterday I realized a mom's and wife's job is never done.  I woke up yesterday and went in the fridge to get Almond milk for my cereal.  I noticed that the fridge was unorganized and had a few items that were expired.  I took everything out, threw out the expired or not so appetizing items, and wiped down the refrigerator.  I also had some jelly that wasn't expired yet but since I make my own jam now I washed out the jars to reuse for homemade jam.  All of this and I still hadn't had my coffee and cereal yet.  I wondered if JT and Addison would even notice the fridge (they didn't).  And then I realized all the things I do around the house that they never notice.  How many times a go to the bathroom to brush my teeth and I start cleaning the whole bathroom.  But, hey that's my job so I'm not complaining.  It's just moms or wives don't get raises or vacations.  So I guess I'm just reminding you all to appreciate what they do.  A hug or a foot rub would be nice from time to time.

I know some men like my friend Jason would say he would love to help his wife clean but he can't clean by her standards.  I know you men try and we end up doing it on our own because you didn't do it "our way" (the right way).  I have come to realize that you guys just don't see what we see.  I have notice oh so many times Addison or JT walking over something and not even noticing it.  I yell don't you think you should pick that up and they have no earthly idea what I am talking about.  I ask Addison to clean his room about twice a week, I think he has only cleaned it with out me saying something twice.  He says he notices it sometime but I don't think he does.  I think men want to live and the chaos and the chaos makes women crazy.

 But, since I realize they don't notice it I try to be nice and remind myself they are just men and can't help it.  But, I must admit I have had my days of crazy black woman and making everyone stop and clean NOW!
So as I wonder yesterday if they notice the things I do around the house, I remind myself probably not.  But really do I really expect them to notice and would I really expect them to start cleaning things just because?  No!  And if they did clean on their own without me saying something, they probably wouldn't do it right anyways.  :)

See you tomorrow for Wednesdays Favorite things.

I leave you with Addison flipping Star Wars pancakes with no shirt on.  Hey he wanted to flip just one pancake and yes he runs around the house in just his underwear.  Don't tell him I told you.  :)

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