Black Belt Time

So the test went well and I have almost completed 30 Easter cards.  Yes, everyone will get their Easter cards late.  :)  This weekend I need to finish a final report on the compressor I made for Audio and have to finish a take home test.  But, next week is the last week of the semester and then finals.  I have two finals but one his take home so finals week will not be that bad.  After finals I will have the whole summer off!!  I 'm so excited!  I have been taking classes during the summer for the past 5 years.   I will have a break from school but not from being a mom.  Addison still has swim team and dive team this summer.  So that's practices every morning and meets every week.  And he still has Taekwondo and Tennis, so that's Taekwondo practice 3 times a week, black belt prep once a week, and tennis practice and meets once a week.   If everything goes right Addison will have his black belt by June, we are very excited for him.    So I guess I do not have the summer off.  :)

Addison's Black Belt hanging on the wall.  

Here's another Etsy story I love, La Raffinerie  you can find it here. The are actually based in Montreal Canada, this gives me an excuse to go to Montreal.  But, until then I have Etsy.  

I hope everyone has a great weekend.  Happy Easter!

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