Happy April Fool's Day

So last night I wrapped Addison's toilet with Saran Wrap for a great April Fool's joke.  Unfortunately, my son looks where he pees so he noticed the Saran Wrap.  I knew after that I had to get him good.  So later on today I went to school and got the school's office to call him to the principal's office.  His principal sat him down and asked him what happened at lunch 2 days ago and yesterday.  Then he asked Addison why he tripped a kindergartner.  Addison told him he didn't and his principal said don't lie we have it on tape.  Addison was so confused and then I jumped out and screamed April Fool's.  Yeah I got him good.  He ended up punching me when he realized what I did but it was so worth it.  Now, he's has been trying to get me all day.  :)

I think think the best April Fool's joke of today is Google Motion.  If you haven't seen it check it out.  The videos are the best.  I can't believe they put in that much time and effort just for a joke.  You got to love Google.

Do any of you guys have HBO? There is a new series called Mildred Pierce.  So far so good.  Kate Winslet plays Mildred Pierce and we all love Kate.  It's about a 1930s housewife who kicks out her cheating husband.  She has to get a job and ends up being a waitress.  The diner she works at has horrible pies and she starts making pies for them.  She then realizes she could open her own place and opens a restaurant that just sells chicken dishes and pies.  But, it's not just about her just cooking and baking.  It's about the crazy relationship she has with her daughter and about the men in her life.  If you haven't watched it yet I suggest you start.  Part One and Two have already aired and I think it's a eight part mini series.  You can always watch it on HBO On Demand.

Well, the banana bread is in the oven.  See ya later!
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