Happy Easter!

This one will be short because I'm exhausted.  We had a great weekend and a wonderful Easter with family.  Saturday, I had the boys paper mache easter eggs.  They turned out pretty good for the first time.  They look nothing like the pictures from the notmartha.com blog.  Hey, just to get two 11 years old boys to paper mache is pretty good.  They had a blast and made a big mess.  I also baked the Lemon Blueberry cake Saturday but waited to assemble it Sunday.

Easter Sunday, we assembled and iced the cake with the lemon curd in the middle and it started leaning.  Then we left for Lake Jackson for Easter with the family and by the time we got there the cake was looking really crazy.  I did get some pictures of it before it became a hot mess.  We had a great time Aunt Marsha's and Uncle Stan's, the food was good and my husband family is so funny.  My in-laws rock, I feel sorry for other people.  :)  Well, the cake turned out delicious and all the other baked goods were yummy as well.  I took about 1,000 pictures of all the kids running around and hunting for eggs.  I will have to post them later after I sort through them.

When we got home we realized we didn't dye eggs since Addison passed out after we the paper mache so of course we had to dye eggs.  The boys once again had a blast and made a mess.  Their fingers will be crazy colors all week.  Now, JT and Addison are making a water bottle rocket for school tomorrow.  Whew, just typing all that made me tired.

Oh before I go I purchased Photoshop.  I realized that if I was going to have a nice camera I needed to learn how to use Photoshop too.  I will be trying to master it this summer.  Since I don't have classes this summer I have time to do things I have wanted to do like take a Photography class, take a cake decorating class, take a fondant class, learn how to use photoshop.  There's probably other stuff that I can't remember right now.

Well here's some of the pictures from this weekend:

Just out of the oven.  Look at those blueberries.

Putting on the frosting dam so the lemon curd will stay put.

Finish product but the lemon curd is escaping.

Paper mache eggs drying in the laundry room.

The finish product.  

And here's a picture of Dolce that I photoshopped:



I brightened the picture and her eyes.  I also smoothed her skin.  I also took out some of the yellow and red tones.  For my first time I think it's pretty good.  Well, Goodnight talk to you soon.

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