How was your weekend?  We had a great one.  It was nice and sunny this weekend and the pollen is not so bad.  I am trying to really enjoy the Atlanta weather before it gets too hot to step outside.  I remember last summer it was too hot to even swim in the pool.  The pool water felt like bath water.  Ugh!

Friday we had Charles and Michael over to celebrate Charles's birthday.  I made crab cakes and mussels for the appetizer.  And then made steak and spinach risotto for the main course.  We were so full from the appetizers, we decided to take a break from eating and left  to go see the movie Hannah.  Oh the movie Hannah is really good by the way.   After the movie we came back for the main course.  For dessert I made sweet and salty brownies and homemade salty caramel ice cream.  Everything turned out delicious and we had a really fun night.  Charles and Michael are hilarious!!!  

Here's some pictures from Friday night:

Sweet and Salty brownies

Crab Cakes





Charles being silly

JT relaxing

Addison and Charles being crazy

My favorite picture, so silly

Love it!!! So cute!!

Even the dogs joining the party

Emmy is looking at Charles like he's crazy

Addison eating

As you can tell we had a good time.  The dinner party didn't end until 4 AM.  We had too much fun.

Saturday, we went to JT's mom's house to celebrate her birthday.  JT and Addison did some yard work for her and cleaned out her gutters.  Then we went to the AT&T store and bought her an iPhone.  She was so excited.  We ended up ordering Chinese take out because no one wanted to cook but I did bake her a birthday cake at her house.  I made the Burnt Sugar Bundt Cake with Caramel Sauce and she loved it.  

Here's some pics of Nana's party:

Addison on the roof cleaning the gutters.

Nana and Addison making the icing.

I told you he's crazy.

Can't believe Chewbaca is this big.

Little Luna

Sweet Freddie

Silly Grandma

Aunt Rea was too tired for pictures

Sunday was the day to relax.  Addison and I  got addicted to watching Hoarders.  It freaked him out so much that he started cleaning.  Then we watched Extreme Couponing and started clipping coupons.  I ended up saving $18 today when I went grocery shopping.  It's not extreme but I think it's pretty good.  I also made 3 Easter cards to sell.   Check out my Etsy site to see what I have created.  

Well, that was my long but fun weekend.  Now back to school.

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