Juggling it all

So I'm a little under the weather today.  The pollen is crazy in Georgia right now.  I unfortunately have asthma and am allergic to everything.  And when I say everything I mean everything, I am even allergic to cold, when I get too cold I break out.  So on top of not breathing I have a stomach virus of some sort, it could be the pollen I'm digesting or just stress.  All I know is I feel horrible today.  The good thing is Addison is on Spring Break and he makes an excellent nurse.  There's something about my baby boy taking care of me that makes me feel are warm inside.

On top of being sick I am having to deal with incompetent people that can't do their jobs and can't give anyone a break.  I am not going to go into detail but JT and I are both dealing with drama today and need to find out place of ZEN.  These are the times I need to remember how blessed we are and don't sweat the little stuff.  My family is happy, healthy, and loved and that is all the matters.

I mention juggling it all because there is no way a mother can do it all.  I dropped the ball on something that I am dealing with now.  I know now why people need assistants.  At first I got all upset and freaked out but then I had to remember what is all on my plate.  I am a motherwe a wife and a student.  And I am not doing any of these jobs half a**.  I am a hands on mother, I spend time with my child, and teach my child.  I believe if you are going to have a child you so do everything in you ability to help them become the greatest adult they can be.  You should talk, listen, teach your child.  I do not let the public school system just teach my child.  I teach him electronics and mathematics before it's even taught in his school.  JT also teaches him Science.  I teach him about the real world, I am very honest about what life is really about.  I have him do extra work at home and we do science and electronics labs with him.  I have him extra-currricular activities every day to keep his mind and body strong.  He makes straight A's and I know it's because of the extra work I do.  He has never been in trouble at school and his very caring, obedience, sweet, and helpful child.

On top of all that I am getting a double major in computer and electrical engineering.  I have above a 3.0 and would love to get my Master's in Mathematics so I can become a professor.  It has taken me a while to graduate but I only have a semester left.  I could have taken more classes a semester but I would not have been able to be there for Addison as much as a was.  So that's when you have to decide family or school and family will always win.  JT is even going through this decision career or family and his family will always win too.

Being a wife and a mother entails cooking, cleaning, making sure everyone has everything, making sure everyone is loved, making sure everyone is happy and sane.  Right now, I'm trying to just cook everything.  I'm trying to ween my family from process foods.  So that means a lot of cooking, but I know this will keep my family healthy in the long run.  I bake because it puts a smile on my family's face.  I know they are going to eat sweets no matter what.  So I would rather it be something that I make and I know what they are putting in their bodies.

So I guess I'm writing this for me or for others who have let someone make them feel less for forgetting to do something.  As long as the top things on our list are done if you mess up on the little stuff it's not a big deal.  So if you forgot to finish something, mail something, pay something give yourself a break.  You can not do everything.  There is no such thing as a perfect human being, even though we all try to be perfect.

So as long as I am raising my child to become an incredible adult, my husband still believes I'm the greatest woman, and I'm following my educational dream, everything else can kiss my booty.

Ok I'm getting off the therapy couch now.  Sorry sometime I need to get things off my chest.

On a happier note.  JT's and mine anniversary was Sunday.  He got called into work for an emergency spill so we didn't get to spend time together.  But, I still baked him his favorite cake so he could have it when he got home.  I baked him a German Chocolate Cake.  Addison and JT said it's the best one they have ever had.  Addison also said it was worth all the fat and calories because it was so good.  Don't you just love him.

3 layers baby with coconut icing in between

Yummy milk chocolate icing.  

Well, I got to go and take Addison to diving and then Taekwondo.  And then cook dinner.  I am thinking it's a night for lamb.  Lamb is one of Addison's favorites and we need to have a celebration of life and happiness tonight.  

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