Sick of Allergies

So yesterday I woke up and couldn't breathe.  I took every allergy medicine I could find and went to school.  I had to leave early because I just couldn't take the congestion and pressure anymore.  JT called in my Flonase prescription and I lied in bed for the rest of the night.  I should have know better to stay outside all day Easter Sunday.  I'm allergic to everything.

The bad thing is Kimerie was at the girl's easter dying party and she put on Facebook that she is sick and she thought it was allergies but it's not going away.  So now I think we are both sick and it's not allergies. So I took some Theru-Flu so I could pass out last night.  I feel a little better today but still have the congestion.  Ugh!  I hate being sick.  So this is that last week of classes and have to deal with being sick.  I guess it could be worse I could be sick of a week of tests.

So I'm just warning you all I'm the worse sick person.  I guess all just have to post things that make me happy all week to cheer me up.  So I guess I'll do a my Favorite Things I find on the Web sick week!!!!

I know the first thing to post about is  Look what she made for her daughter's birthday cake.

Rainbow cakes are big in the baking blogging world right now.  But this was has a little twist, she covered it in white fondant so her daughter the draw on her own birthday cake.  What an awesome idea! You can check out her blog entry here.  

And of course cupcakes for the Royal Wedding:

These are perfect if you are having a Royal Wedding viewing party.  I found these here

And now to paper.  I'm in love with this technique Lasercutting:

I saw want a Laser Cutting machine.  I have a Cricut but this takes it to a whole different level.  I got all these images form

And now to a DIY craft project.  DIY Fringe Monogram I found here.

What a great thing to make for a party!

Well, time to take some medicine, go to school, and take Addison to diving.  See you tomorrow!

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