Baking through my cookbooks

Well, dinner Tuesday was great but the time schedule did not work.  I didn't get the beef in the oven until 6:30.  Addison and I didn't eat until 9 because of all his activities.  And JT didn't get home from work until 3:30 AM (this means I didn't get to sleep until 4 AM because I can't sleep when JT isn't home).  So pictures were not taken of the wonderful dinner and the peach pies were not made.

Yesterday I spent the whole day getting my brakes done.  This sounds like a long boring process but it's fun for me.  My brother Lee owns his own auto shop.  Lee is The Godfather's brother so he's my brother in gay marriage.  :)  When I go to the shop, I actually learn how everything works.  They let me take off the tires off my car, they taught me how to shave down rooters, I learned how to do an alignment, and I even got to cut through steel.  It was fun working with my hands and I didn't get too dirty.  My favorite part was cutting through steel and watching the sparks go everywhere.  I know I'm a dork.

So after doing all my car stuff and taking Addison to swim practice.  I was too tired to cook and bake. Addison and I actually had cereal for dinner.  Yes, I do not make him home cooked meals every night.  I need a break sometimes, especially when I only got 4 hours of sleep the night before.    So, Addison and I had Cheerios and then he read me a bedtime story.  He's so cute when he reads to me because he acts like the adult and I act like the kid.  He tells me to go to bed and a scream one more story.  He also tells me he never acted like that when he was a baby (trust me he did and like he remembers).    So I fell asleep in the middle of the 3rd reading of "Where the Wild Things Are" and Addison put himself to bed (Yes, I know I have the sweetest child, he even paints my toenails).

Today, will be the day I make the roasted chicken and the peach hand pies.  I made a mistake of watching the cooking channel while we ate our Cheerios last night and it was all about apple pies.  If Addison had it his way we would have been making pies until 2 AM.  So today I have to make the pies with him or I might wake up in the middle of the night to find him in the kitchen making pies by himself.  Addison is very serious when it comes to pies.  I think I am more serious about cake.  So I will let you know how chef Addison's peach hand pies turn out.  

I also had a great idea about all my cookbooks.  I have recently purchased about 4 new baking books in the past 6 months and feel like I haven't used them that much.  I get one bake about 3 or 4 things out of it and then off to the next one.  I have decided I do not need to purchase another one until I completly get through them.  These are my four cookbooks:  

I just got Sugarbaby.  It's all about sugar and how to cook it in different temperatures.  I so excited about this book.  

See the old me would be obsessed with Sugarbaby for about a month and then off to the next cookbook but I'm going to change.  At first, I thought I could cook every recipe in one cookbook at a time (A la Julie and Julia)  but then I know how I am and I would get bored with one book very quickly.  So I have decided to cook through all these 4 cookbooks.  Each day (if I have time)  I will cook out of one of these cookbooks starting from the beginning.  I will share what I learned from these cookbooks, the mistakes I made and of course how everything turned out.  I thought it would be nice the have some kind of plan with my baking instead of me just baking all summer.   This will be interesting since all the books are about baking but they are all very different too.  The BAKED cookbooks are recipes that everyone has grown up with but making them better.  They have some very interesting recipes.  The Sugarbaby cookbook is teaching you all about sugar, so I will be learning and baking in this one.  I am excited to perfect macaroons in this cookbook.  And the Williams-Sonoma cookbook teaches everything you need to know about baking.  It breaks down the equipment to the ingredients.  It has has a chapter that is all about pies and one that is all about chocolate.  I believe after this adventure I will be a better baker.  

I will decide by tomorrow which recipe is first.  I hope you enjoy this baking adventure I am going on this summer.  :)

P.S.  I just thought this is another great way to work on my food photography since I have to document all my creations.  

Well, Bye for now!!!

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