Busy week

Sorry for not posting but this week has been so busy.  Monday, Jt had a soccer game.  Tuesday, Addison had his last day of school party (so had to make 30 cupcakes Monday at 1 AM) and that night was  Addison's 5th grade graduation (which he received 3 award, including the Presidential Award).  Wednesday, Addison had his first dive meet (which he placed 2nd).  Thursday, Addison still had 3 activities (swimming, diving, and Taekwondo starting at 10:30 AM) but we still had time to clean and cook dinner (I made spaghetti).  So,  I am really going to enjoy this 3 day weekend.  Addison doesn't have any activities and JT doesn't have to work until Tuesday.  It will be a relaxing 3 days.  Maybe I will have time to finally bake that cherry pie I have been talking about.  Yes, I still cherries that everyone is gradually eating so before they go bad I need to make a pie.  I also have about 10 lemons.  How long do lemons last?  I'm more worried about the cherries than the lemons.

What happen to my summer full of baking?  Addison is going to have to start learning how to drive or start riding his bike everywhere.  :)  Next week, day lessons for swimming and diving start at 9:30 AM.  So we have to be up and ready everyday at 9 AM.  The good thing is it gets me going but no sleeping in for us this June.  Oh July I can't wait to sleep in.

But don't get me wrong, I love taking Addison to all his activities.  He really enjoys them and loves being active.  I also love the summer leagues, the kids really enjoy hanging out and competing.  It is also so relax compared to other competitions.  I really don't mind doing it for a month.   I just mind it at 9 AM when I couldn't fall asleep the night before.  :)  But, it does give me time to read my books while I'm waiting for 3 hours a day.  Oh and it hasn't gotten too hot yet.  Check with me in 2 weeks.  I will probably be complaining by then.

I mentioned I made Addison's class cupcakes, they were Campfire Delight Cupcakes.   Addison asked me to do chocolate cupcakes for his class and I didn't want to do any old chocolate cupcakes.  These are a rich chocolate cupcakes with a toasted marshmallow filling topped with malt chocolate icing.  I got the recipe from Sweetapolita (of course). Remember when I made the Campfire Delight Cake from her blog? It's a 6-Layer Rich Chocolate Malted & Toasted-Marshmallow Cake.  You can find her entry here.  It was delicious!!  Well, Sweetapolita made a cupcake version and they turned out amazing.   You can find her cupcake version here.   I love doing cupcakes more than cakes.  You don't have to worry about layers and icing the whole cake,  piping on icing is so easy.   These cupcakes might be my favorite so far.

Well, talk to you later.  I need to get to bed so I won't be a grumpy taxi driver tomorrow.  :)

So I'll leave you with proud momma pictures.  I love my little prince.

5th grade Graduation

Favorite Picture!!  Daddy and Son.

So proud of my boys!!!

He's going to be something BIG one day!!

And diving

So handsome!!

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