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Sorry for not posting last night but Blogger was down for maintenance.

I am excited about something this weekend. I found the website Creative Live from the Pioneer Woman's blog. It's a live classroom with a photographer explaining and teaching certain parts of photography. This weekend is Food Photography with Penny De Los Santos, who is the food photographer for Saveur Magazine.   It is free to watch it live and $99 to download. It starts today. I am actually watching it right now. I have a very busy weekend but I will be logging in when I have time to watch her. If you would like to watch you can find it here. Today there will be an interview with the Editor in Chief of Saveur Magazine and a Image critique with Director of Photography for Saveur. Saturday and Sunday are shoots. I hope I have time Saturday or Sunday to watch a couple of these.

Speaking of food Photography I just ordered this book, Plate to Pixel.  I'm very excited for this to arrive.  I read the reviews and everyone is saying the pictures are incredible.  I ordered this book because I noticed the food pictures on some people's blogs, they make every look beautiful and delicious.  I think reading this book will take my food photography up a notch, oh and the online classroom this weekend will help as well. 

 Plate to Pixel: Digital Food Photography & Styling    

I will let you know how the book is, it will arrive Tuesday and I will probably be reading it all day.  I hope you all will notice a difference in my food photography skills.  :)  

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