Happy Mother's Week

So I had a wonderful Mother's Day yesterday, JT made me breakfast (his famous waffles and volcano eggs), Addison and I played video games for 3 hours (Killzone 3), and then we went to go see Thor in 3D.  It was a perfect relaxing geeky Mother's Day.  Addison also surprised me with the cutest heart necklace and JT cooked breakfast on my new skillets I got for Mother's Day.  Yes, on top of my wonderful Anthropologie measuring cups JT bought me 2 new All-Clad skillets.  I actually had to pick them up at Williams-Sonoma because JT had to work all day and night Friday and Saturday but they are from him.   I am in love with my new skillets.  They are so pretty, I don't want to cook on them.  :)

Pretty, Shiny

Oh I also forgot to mention the Rainbow cake I baked for Kevin's birthday.  It turned out so cute and the boys loved it.  This cake was a lot of work though!  I usually love baking because it doesn't take long.  You just have to whip up the batter, bake it and then make the icing.  But with this cake you have to weigh the batter split the batter in 1/8 and then dye the batter 8 different colors.  Oh and I only have 4 cake pans.  It was a lot of work and that just the cake part.  The icing is the swiss meringue icing, it's delicious but takes a lot to make.  It 's only egg whites, so you have the split the eggs and then make the meringue and this recipe calls for 14 egg whites.  To make meringue, you have to put sugar and egg whites in a saucepan and heat until the sugar has melted, then put in a mixer on high speed.  But that's just the meringue then you need to add the butter to make it buttercream.  This frosting takes about 30 mins sometimes more.  It's one of my favorite icings but on top of making the rainbow cake it was a chore and a lot of egg whites (19 egg whites in total the cake uses 5).  You can find the recipe here.

Oh and before I go I leave you with Luna in Addison's old Underroos, they are Star Wars C3P0.

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