Peonies FOUND!!!

So I just went to Whole Foods and guess what?  They had buckets full of peonies.  They had so many I should have brought my camera to take pictures of their florist section.  It was peonies heaven!!!  I'm so happy and they were not expensive.  The were $11.99 each.   I hope they have them all summer.  Here are some pictures of the peonies I bought:

I hope I can have peonies on my table every day this summer.  I'm thinking next time mix hydrangeas with the peonies.  That would be a beautiful arrangement.  I'll try it next week.  

Oh before I go Grandma has called me to ask if we can be on the hunt for the best tea sandwiches.  So this summer we will be trying recipes to find the best tea sandwich recipe.  Addison has been elected as taste tester and it think his taste palette is pretty good to be a judge. :)  So if you have any tea sandwiches recipes send them to me please.  And of course I will let you know which recipe wins.  

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