I am officially free from school.  My last day of finals was yesterday and fortunately it was a take home final so I just had to turn it in.  I don't think it has hit me yet that I only have one class until I graduate and I get a summer of freedom.  I have been in school for 5 years straight and this is the first summer I have had off.  I feel like it is a big treat for me since after I graduate I have to get a big girl job. So I will enjoy and cherish this summer.  I will spend quality time with my family, finish projects, learn things that interest me, travel, and create.  And of course blog the whole 3 months to keep everyone informed on my summer.  :)

Addison's best friend is Kevin.  Kevin is not just Addison's best friend he is a second son to us.  He is always with us so we just call them "The boys".  Well, Kevin's birthday was Saturday!!!  I wanted to do something great for him but I had to study last weekend for finals so we planned to take him out Tuesday after my finals.  We is Kevin's mom Ebony, she is like a sister to me and one of my best friends.  Well, Tuesday we let "the boys" skip school and we took them to Andretti's to race go karts, play video games, and climb the climbing wall.  After Andretti's we took them to Atlantic Station for ice cream and a movie.  We of course saw a guy movie, The Fast Five, and we all enjoyed it (there's great eye candy in the movie for us mom's).  Well, the boys had the time of their lives and it was a wonderful birthday celebration.

Here are some pics of the day:

You can check out more pictures here.

Oh my new craft obsession is Japanese making tape.

I have order some from UnCommon Goods and can't wait for it to arrive.  I am already thinking about all the things I create with this tape.  There is also a blog called  They also sale Japanese tape and they also show some creative ways to use it.   Here are some pictures from their blog.

I have seen people use them to spruce up packaging and also for their business cards.  I'm thinking of making my own business cards and this idea from Mint is wonderful.

 I think I can totally make those cards.  It will be my project for next week.

Oh and before I go I have a craft for Cinco de Mayo.  D.I.Y festive Mexican paper flowers.

I found this tutorial on 100 Layer Cake.  This is one of my new favorite blogs.  They have the most wonderful ideas for weddings.   I have a lot of leftover tissue paper from the paper mache eggs so I'm thinking about making these with Addison tomorrow.  You can find the tutorial here.

Oh and I can't forget about the Paper.  I found the most amazing wedding invitation on  The couple are DJ's and this is their invitation.

It's actually a record that play music.  What at amazing idea!!!  Check out the video of it working.  

Paper Record Player from kellianderson.
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