Tomatoes and Lemons

Today was a productive day.  I pick up Addison from school and we went grocery shopping.  I love going grocery shopping with him because he's a great helper.  I hate pushing the cart especially when I have a list. Addison doesn't mind pushing and doesn't run over too many people in the process.  I also got my Mother's Day cards mailed out.  People will only get them 4-8 days late this time.  I'm getting better.  Here are the cards I made.  If you are getting one don't look. :)

I love the way they turned out.  And don't worry if you are not a mom, they would still make a great Birthday card.  :)

After the Post Office, we went to Diving and Taekwondo.  JT was able to pick Addison up from Taekwondo so I could start cooking.   I  made Sun-Dried Tomato and Red Pepper Pasta.  You can find the recipe here.   I don't have a smoke gun so it's not smokey but it turned out wonderful and it was pretty easy.  

Beautiful Red Peppers

Yummy Sun Dried Tomatoes

Dinner time!!

I also made Lemon Bars for desert.  I promised a classmate I would make him Lemon Bars so I needed to find a good recipe and try it before I made some for him.  

Fresh lemons

Lemon bar

I think they turned out good but I might try one more recipe before I decide.  I got this recipe from Smitten Kitchen (my new favorite cooking blog)  and you can find it here.  

Well off to bed.  I have to think about what to make for dinner tomorrow.  I'm thinking pork.  

2 comments on "Tomatoes and Lemons"
  1. Bobbette, try this recipe:

    My sister makes this with lemons from the tree in her backyard, and they're so good you have to sit down...


  2. Thanks I'll try this. This one seems yummy because you put powder sugar in the crust. But the inside doesn't have much lemon juice and has a lot of peel. Hmmm. Maybe I will end up liking the crust from yours and the filling from mine.


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