Cards and Baking and Meatloaf

I finally finished the Father's day cards, better late than never.  I think they turned out really cute.  Addison's swim meet was cancelled because of the storm so I had some extra time.  Addison made cards for his Dad, Papa and Grandfather.  I only made 10 for Family and Friends but it was nice being creative again.  I haven't made cards in a month, which is funny since I thought I was going to have all this time this summer.  I need to finish the Sympathy cards I am making for Dave's family.  I have decided to try to make about 10 different sympathy cards and give them to friends so they can send them to Dave's mother.  Everyone wants to send her a card but I realize people get busy to stop and pick up a card and then mail it.  I thought if I made them to give out it would make everyone's life a little easier.

Here are the Father's Day cards I made:

The background has the definition of a Hero.

I also baked a Summer Strawberry Cake Tuesday.  It was so good I think I'm going to bake another one today.  It was simple to bake and it really made the strawberries delicious.  JT and Addison made French Toast today and they are trying to steal the strawberries that are for the cake.  I guess I might have to go buy more strawberries.  Publix has a great sale on them right now.  So I guess I should just buy a bunch and make all things strawberries.  I haven't made Strawberry Ice Cream in a while.  Yummy!!!

Tonight, Addison got 1st place at his Dive Meet and tomorrow night is BLACK BELT time.  I can't believe my little boy is becoming a little man.  He will be a 1st degree Black Belt.  Can you believe it?  I promise to post pictures of his accomplishment.  I took him 5 years.  They say only 3% end up becoming Black Belts.  WOW!!!

Tonight, I made Meatloaf.  This was a dinner for my husband.  He is a Meat and Potatoes Man.  He loves when I cook French or Asian Cuisine.  But, he needs to have a Burly Man's meal at least once a week.  He was so happy when he was helping me fix it.  This Meatloaf is a heart attack waiting to happen.  2 pounds of ground beef top with a whole package of bacon.   Ridiculous!!!  This will feed us Friday and Saturday.  I found a recipe for Rustic French Meatloaf from Gourmet magazine.  This one uses Chicken Livers, Veal, Pork, and Prunes.  I'll try to make it next week to see which one taste better.   I'm guessing I will love the French one and JT and Addison will love the simple American Meatloaf.


Heart Attack!!

Well, Good bye for now.
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