Friends = Family

So it has been a sad week, we found out one of our good friends passed away.  It was unexpected and shocking.  It reminded us that friendships take work.  You need to always call or stop by just to check on someone.  My friends are my family and I am very fortunate to have great friends.  We all get busy and forget about people.   We make excuses that we will call someone back later.  We get so disconnected and get caught up in other stuff.  I have made a promise to myself I will never get like that again.

Dave Zuhlke was a wonderful, caring man.  He made us laugh and taught us things.  We saw the world with him.  I had my baby shower at his house.  He was by my side when Addison came into this world.  He gave Addison his first Versace jackets.  Dave took Addison and I to Hawaii (this is a trip I will never forget).  Addison had his 7th and 10th birthday party at Dave's house.  Dave was like an Uncle to Addison.  No he was Addison's uncle and he was a wonderful Uncle to Addison.  He did all these wonderful things for us and more.  He treated us like family and he will always be a part of our lives forever.  We will never forget him.  We will continue to tell great stories about him and talk about the great adventures we had with him.  He will never be forgotten.

So please call up a friend you have been meaning to call to just check on them and tell them you love them.  Never get too busy.
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