Birthday Crafting

So my best friend Chamel is turning 30 and she's having a birthday party at her house next weekend.  First, she wasn't going to have anything but her husband convinced her.  Then she didn't want to do anything big so I of course step in and said I would help.  30 is a big thing and I think we should celebrate.  I being the girl and crafter started brain storming when she finally decided to have a party.  I told her I would make invitations and she said "No, it's too late I will just use Evite."  I gasped and reminded her that it only takes one day for mail to be delivered in Georgia and it's way more nicer and personal that a damn Evite.  She agreed with me because she know I don't back down.  So I first we decided on a color theme, which is pink and white.  Then I made 18 invitations to send out pronto.  Here are the cards and my workstation:

After I finished the invitations, I needed to order party supplies.  

I found the cutest straws and balloons at Bake It Pretty.   So cute and pink. 

Now I need to decided what decorations I should make.   I found some great DIYs on so many blogs.  I just can't decide what to make.  I can't make it all.  

I have found cupcake toppers.  

Like these Fabric Ruffled Cake Toppers from The Sweetest Occasion

Or these Fabric Flower Cupcake Toppers from Paige of Style?

And then they are Flag Cupcake Toppers.

I found these on Hank and Hunt.  They are edible flags made out of Fruit by Foot.  Cute? 

Even The Sweetest Occasion made these edible ones:

The Sweetest Occasion also made ones out of contact paper.  

And Creature Comforts does flags with fabric.  I wonder if I can find pink and white fabric?

So I definitely want to do some kind of cupcake topper.  I just need to decide which one.  

I am totally making party hats since it is a kid friendly party.  

I found these at Oh Happy Day.  

Or what about these from Birthday Girl?

Or these from Fabric Party Hats from Momtastic?

I would also like to make Pinwheels fo the kids.  

Look at these little ones from Oh Happy Day.  

Oh and look at these Pinwheels from Style Me Pretty.  Wow!

And absolutely I have to make these Pinewheels from Lovely Indeed for her driveway. 

I am definitely making these Photo booth Props for Pictures.

I found these at Oh Happy Day.  I love them! With my new camera and these, her birthday pictures will be awesome!!!

And of course I have to do Mustache Prop also.  These are from Tiffany Kelley.

And what about decorations?  

These Colorful Mobiles are so pretty from Project Wedding.  

Or these Fabric Star Medallions from Martha Stewart.  

Or Wall Flowers from Dana Made It?

And these Fringy Streamers are Beautiful from Oh Happy Day.  

I will be doing pink flowers in vases.  Look what I found at Poppy Talk?  Painting Bottles and using them as vases.  I would love to find some cheap bottles and do this.  

So as you can see I need a lot of help.  I am all over the place.  I have too much to decide on and too much to make.  I only have 7 days to get all of this done on top of baking cupcakes and a cake. 

So please can everyone help me decide.  Please leave your comments on what you like to help me out.


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