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Back to school

The first week of school has been great.  Addison loves middle school.  He comes home happy every day and he has not complained once.  He really enjoys changing classes and having a different teacher for each subject.  His favorite teacher so far is his Language Arts teacher, which is funny since that's his least favorite subject.  She must be really nice because he really talks about her and her class a lot.  I'm so happy she is his favorite because getting him to read a book can be so hard sometimes.  He would rather scrub his bathroom, toilet and all, instead of reading a book.  Addison is a math whiz.  He could do math for hours but not reading.

I already knew he would love gym and he does.  Addison was the kid in elementary school who complained when the class got in trouble and couldn't go to recess.  So the fact that he has an hour of gym everyday is perfect for him.  It's his last subject before he gets on the bus to come home.  By that time he's probably itching to run around since he's been sitting in classes all day.  But, Addison is never tired.  There is no such thing as too many activities and too much exercise in his vocabulary.  When he gets home he still wants to run around outside and exercise.  I really think he is going to have an incredible school year.

The only thing I need to get use to is his middle school's schedule.  Addison gets home 2 hours later than elementary school.   I only have classes 3 days a week so I am debating on getting a part-time job to keep me busy.  I can only do so much crafting, cooking and baking.  And the dogs are great but I need some human conversation too.  I'll let you guys know what happens.  I do not believe in boredom.  There is always something to do.  

My first day of class went great by the way.  I love my math teacher.  I have never had him has a teacher before but once he was a sub in my Calculus 2 class.  I remember him because he explained everything so well I was wishing he was my permanent Calculus teacher.  Now he's my Numerical Methods teacher so I'm so happy.   I'm also taking a College Algebra class online, just for the hours.  I also thought it would be great to teach Addison Algebra with this online course.  Remember I mentioned how much he loves math.  :)  I'm thinking doing an online class together would be fun and get him prepared for future math classes.  I'm planning on working on this online class one hour 3 days a week with him.  I just pray we do not end up fighting.  Sometimes it's easier for someone else to teach your child than teaching your own child.  I just need to remember to go slow and be patient with him.  

Before I go I thought I would talk about paper.  I have a love for paper.  There is something wonderful about cards, invitations, even stationary.  If I could have it my way I would probably own something like  a Paper Source.   I wonder if I could have a Paper Store / Bakery.  Get your invitations, cakes, and cards in one place.  Hmm... that's an idea!  

Well, I always post cards and invitations that inspire me.  Look what I found today on Oh So Beautiful Paper:  A Wedding Invitation for a wedding in the woods.  

I just love the laser cutting and all the details.  The happy couple has their own blog that talks about the details of their wedding and their invitations (how they made them and how much it cost).   I can't believe they made these on their own and it only cost them less than $200.   Check out their blog about their invitations here.  JT needs to get me a laser cutter ASAP.  Oh and a Letterpress machine.  

Lottery gods please answer our prayers.  :)

The last day of summer

This is the last day before school starts.  I can't believe Addison is going back to school at the same time I am.   I usually have a week or 2 more of freedom.  Addison is so ready to go back.  He is ready to start wearing is own clothes instead of a uniform, he's ready to change classes, and he's ready for a locker.  I wonder how long it will take him to get over middle school?  I wonder if he's ready for PE?  Oh how I dreaded middle school because of PE.  He's such a athlete he will probably love PE.  The Godfather got Addison the coolest looking Nike's last weekend for PE.  He will probably thrive at PE and be nothing like me.  I was the one that always got picked last.  Yes, I was that girl with coke bottle glasses with no athletic ability.

I will let you guys know how his first month of middle school goes. 

Last Friday night, we ended up going to Wally's and having a pizza party.  I made the dough and let it rise en route to Wally's and stopped by the grocery store for all the fixings.  The pizzas turned out good and we all had a blast hanging out together.  

I'm already planning on baking Addison something special tomorrow to surprise him when he gets off the bus.  They get home so late in middle school.  I'm going to have to get adjusted with him getting home so late and rushing out the door to activities.  He used to have at least an hour to get homework done before activities.  This year is Addison will really have to learn time management, which Addison and I are horrible at.

Well, last Tuesday I made Chicken Marsala in the slow cooker.  This week I am going to try Lasagna in the slow cooker.  I'll let you know how it goes.  The Chicken Marsala turned out wonderful.  Addison even ate leftovers and he never wants to eat leftovers.  I got the Chicken Marsala recipe here.

Well, I better get Addison ready for school tomorrow.  I'll let you guys know how the first day was.  I leave you with a picture of the Prince enjoying his summer, drinking root beer.  And my favorite pictures of him swimming this summer.  

Bye bye summer. 

The ending of a great week

Dolly Parton was incredible in concert.  She is one fabulous woman.  She sounded incredible and still looked exactly the same.   We were loving her glittery outfits and her big hair.  The audience was great for people watching.  I never seen a mixture of gays, lesbians and country people all together.  It was great.  Dolly is bringing America together one concert at a time.  Here's a picture of all of us before the concert:

Thursday,  Addison had his middle school orientation and I thought I was going to lose it.  I can't believe my baby boy is starting middle school.  He's growing up way too fast.  He's so excited about middle school.  He can't stop talking about it.  He's never been this excited to start back to school.  It's so strange.

Today, Addison and I made Banana a birthday card and a bookmark.   Well, I made the card and he made the bookmark.  I love it when he crafts with me.    Here's a pic of them (I hope Banana doesn't read my blog) :

Tonight for dinner, I think we are just going to make pizzas.  I have some nutella in the pantry that has been begging me to make Nutella pizza.  So I was thinking Pepperoni pizza, Margherita pizza, and Nutella pizza.  Yummy!!!

Well, I guess I need to get busy and make the pizza dough.  We have no crazy plans this weekend.  So maybe I will have time to bake or something.

Talk to you soon.

The Help and Dolly

Well, this post will be short because I have to get ready.  I started reading "The Help" Monday.   I stayed up until 5 AM last night/morning and finished it.  One book and 2 days, I feel like a teenager.  The movie comes out Friday so I wanted to finish it this week.  It is wonderful and suggest everyone to read it.   The bad thing is now I have been tired and a little loopy all day.  The great bad thing is The Godfather just called to ask me if I wanted to go see Dolly Parton in concert with him tonight.  Of course, I said "Yes!"  So I guess I will need two cups of coffee ASAP.  I'm so excited and I think the excitement will get me through the night.  I will let everyone know how the concert was tomorrow.  While I'm gone here's a preview for the movie "The Help".