Crazy September

I have not had anytime to blog this month.  I got so busy with my two classes.  Addison is so busy with school and activities.  And JT has been working non-stop.  This month has also had its ups and downs.  We had some major drama last week but this week has been nice and normal.

I haven't been able to bake and cook as much this month because of everything on our plate.  I did bake strawberry mini cupcakes with raspberry buttercream frosting for Dave Zuhlke's Memorial.  Wally had it at his place and Wally's mother made some incredible Vietnamese food.  It was wonderful for everyone to get together and tell great stories about Dave.  Dave's mother and brother even came in town and attended.  Wally played a slideshow of pictures of Dave and Wow the slideshow brought back some great memories.  You don't realize how long you have know someone until you see pictures.  Dave had a great impact in all of our lives and he will never be forgotten.

I did cook once last week.  I made Skirt Steak with Salsa Verde and Chickpea Salad last Tuesday.  I made enough to have leftovers for Wednesday.  I got the recipe from "Cook like an Iron Chef".  It is one of my favorite cooking shows.

I am hoping to be able to cook a lot this week.  I am so excited that Fall is here.  I am already thinking about fall recipes, savory pies, pumpkin mousse,  butternut squash.  Boy, I love Fall!  The clothes, the boots, the hats, the cool weather, the changing of the leaves and the food.   I am definitely making Chicken Chili with White Beans this week.  Oh and what about homemade cornbread.  Damn,  I have to make time to cook a lot this week, my sanity needs it.  :)  Oh and getting the new Martha Stewart Living Magazine for October didn't help.  There are way too many recipes in that magazine I want to cook.

Oh last Saturday was GUNCLE Day and we went White Water Rafting.  We had a blast!!!  I was so nervous at first.  I totally thought we were all going to fall out of the raft.  I was really worried about Addison but everything turned out great.  Addison had a blast and no one fell out.  We had to most wonderful guide and the weather turned out beautiful.  We were so worried we were going to freeze our butts off.  While we were driving up to Tennessee the temperature was 55 degrees.  Luckily the sun came out by the time we were in the water.  The water was still cold but the sun really helped a lot.   This time Michael's sister went with us.  It was nice to finally meet her and have her join our crazy family.  I hope she will be attending future GUNCLE Days.  Hmmm...I'm already trying to plan next month's GUNCLE Day.  I am thinking Haunted House, Pumpkin Picking, and Corn Maze.  Here are some picture from White Water Rafting.

Well, I need to study for my Midterm.  Hopefully, I have time this week to blog.  I have also made a couple of new cards so I really need to update my Etsy site.  Talk to you soon.

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