A long 4 day week

For some reason this week has seemed to drag by and it's only Thursday.  I don't know if it's all the rain but I have been a little blue this week.  Yesterday, I stayed in bed and watched really bad TV and read magazines.  It was a ME day and it was an ok day except for the tree cutters outside were so loud that I really couldn't relax.  Today I have just been cleaning and organizing before I have to take Addison to Diving.  I think this week Addison and I are just getting adjusted to the new schedule.  It has been a little difficult to do homework, practice the violin, study for quizzes and test, and go to karate and diving.  Luckily, Addison doesn't have to be at school until 9 AM so going to bed at 11 PM is not so bad.  I think Addison is adjusting better than I am.  He is loving middle school, getting A's on test, and really excited about the violin.  Speaking of the violin, I really need to find him a teacher for lessons at least once a week.  See I'm not adjusting.  On top of worrying about my grades and going to the library twice a week, I still have think about all of Addison's stuff, on top of cooking and cleaning.  Oh and I have a test Wednesday, so I will spend the weekend studying.  Why do I worry so much?  I guess that just being a mom.  Ok I am done with worrying everything is going to be fine and I'm not cooking tonight, they can leftovers McDonalds.  :)

I'm so looking at the Anthropologie website while I am blogging.  I am debating on buying a dress that is finally on sale.  I noticed it about 3 months ago.  I love Maxi dresses because I can wear them around the house and just run out the door to take Addison to his activities.  I am just debating if I can wear during Fall but I do live in Georgia so it still will be a little warm for a while.  Here's a picture of it.  What do you think?

Oh the back is even more special.

I am thinking I will be able to wear it next year too so I might as well purchase it.  I am also getting the egg crate I have wanted forever.  Anthropologie stores only have the white crate available but Anthro is offering free shipping for online orders this week so I believe it is the perfect time to get it.  

That egg crate makes me want to bake!!!  I will smile every time I open my refrigerator.  Speaking of refrigerators, last year JT got me all new stainless steel appliances (a fridge, a microwave, a stove/oven, and a dishwasher).  I love my appliances but it has been a pain to keep the stainless steel clean.  The refrigerator was starting to get rust spots which didn't make sense since it was stainless steel.  Michael told me the dirt and whatever else was rusting on top of the steel.  I read online all these things you could do to get rid of the rust but I was so scared.  I decided to let JT tackle it one day and then forgot about it.  My fridge has had rust spots for about 6 months until now.  I was at Williams-Sonoma getting cleaner to clean my All Clad cookware.  Soap and water was just not doing it.  It always seemed like there was some film on the cookware.  Well, they told me to get the Bar Keepers Friend.  While they were talking about how wonderful it cleaned All-Clad cookware she mentioned that she had a rust stain on her carpet and this cleaner got it out.  I bought it and went home to clean my All-Clad cookware.  While I was cleaning it I thought about what she said about the rust on her carpet and wondered if it would get off the rust on my refrigerator.  Well, I tired it and it did.  My fridge looks brand new!  It's beautiful and shining and NO RUST.  I have used this cleaner on all my appliances and I no longer hate keeping stainless steel clean.   This cleaner works on a lot, I have used it on my kitchen sink and  I thinking about the bathroom next.   I'm telling you this cleaner is the best!

Now lets segue into cooking since I'm being such a good housewife and talking about cleaning.  :) Even though I have had the blues this week, I have been cooking just simple meals.  Yesterday, I made dinner rolls and slow cooked a turkey breast.  It was nice comfort food.  There's something about the smell of fresh baked bread.  Tuesday I baked salmon and we had rice and beans with edaname. The beans and edaname were delicious.  It nice to find new ways to make vegetables.  I will be making this again.

Well, I am happy tomorrow is Friday even though I will spend the weekend studying.  Talk to you soon.

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