Fall Shopping

It's Halloween weekend.  What do you all have planned?  I have a lot planned but all of it has nothing to do with Halloween.  Tonight I am going to a movie with a school friend, we are going to see "In Time" with Justin Timberlake (he's so hot).  And then after the movie I have plans for Girls Night Out.  We are going to a piano and tapas bar.  It should be a blast to hang out with all the girls.  I wonder what trouble we are going to get into.  :)

Saturday, Melissa and I are going to see "The Rum Diary" with Johnny Depp (he's even hotter).  And after the movie I think we are going to go have a late lunch.  So it looks like I am going to have a weekend full of movies and girl time.  Addison and JT will have to fend for themselves because I am not cooking or baking until Sunday.  I say this now but they have a way of convince me to make something.

It's finally getting cold enough here to wear boots and sweaters.  For Addison's birthday a bought him a bunch of sweaters from JCrew and Abercrombie.  The stuff has finally arrived and I'm more excited than he is.  He does really like 2 of the sweaters though so that's a plus.  My son has a love and hate when it comes to fashion.  He likes clothes but not as much as I do but he does have style and he likes to dress nice.  He tells me he has his own style so I shouldn't dress him but I figured out his style is mostly preppy so I really know what to buy him.  I really should have had a girl.  But that would have been a good thing and a bad thing.  We would go shopping together but then she would probably have expensive taste and  I couldn't say no to her so we would be broke all the time.  So  I guess it's good I have a boy, I'll just keep dressing him and preppy clothes until he's out of college and decides to buy his own stuff.  Maybe he will model for Ralph Lauren one day (I know I'm crazy).  Here's Addison's new jacket:

Oh and I will have to take a picture of him in the sweater because he looks very handsome in it.

Since we are talking about fashion,  I'll tell you about my boots.  JT and I have the same pair of Frye boots.  Yes I know we are cheesy.  We got them about 2 years ago and we love wearing them together.  He wears his all the time during winter and fall but I rotate with my other shoes.  They are the Frye Enginner boots.

They are very comfortable and go with anything.  I wear them with jeans but also with skirts to look a little funky.  Well, I love Frye boots.  They last forever and they are very good quality.  So why am I telling you this story?  Because this morning I was online and notice that Frye started making extended calf boots.  This is wonderful for me.  I have big calves, people say I have athletic legs but I just think my calves are huge.  I can't wear high boots they never fit my calves but I always want them when I see them.  Well, I had my eye on a pair of boots for a while and then noticed this morning I could get them in extended calf.  Well, I had to have them but I couldn't justify buying another pair of boots.  I shopped around online and found them $60 off but I still couldn't justify buying them.  So I called my husband to talk me out of it. And of course, my wonderful husband tells me I didn't' buy any boots last fall or winter so I should get them.  I didn't know what to say.  Only a man who knows how much his wife loves fashion would say that.  So I purchased a pair of beautiful calf extended Frye boots.  I just pray they fit my big calves.  :)  Here they are:

They are the Frye Jane boots.  If you read The Pioneer Woman's blog, you may have noticed she mentioned them there also.  I can't wait until they arrive.  I 'm already thinking about wearing skirts all week with them.  

Oh and before I go here's a beautiful Anthropolgie jacket I just purchased.  

If you know me you know I'm obsessed with Anthropolgie.  But I  also love Anthropologie's sales.  I tell everyone I know that they have great sales.  I never buy anything there full price.  I put something I like on my wish list and then just check on it once a week.  Sometimes stuff does sale out but I still get a lot of it. 

So, I know I need to get to the movies.  Talk to you soon.  Maybe next time I will actually talk about paper, baking and cooking.   

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