The Geek in me!!!

So some of you know that I'm not just a wife, a mother, a baker, a crafter and a cook I am also a super geek.  I love all things electronics.  I'm not just going to school for engineering because I'm awesome in math but I also like to know how things work.  I remember when I was in elementary school I would take electronics apart just to see how they worked.  I also remember my mom grounding me and I couldn't watch TV.  Well, I was hard headed and kept watching TV so she cut the power cord on the television.  That didn't stop me I cut the power cord on my radio got some electrical tape and connected those wires.  My mother would always say, "I was too smart for my own good".  I had my first computer in middle school, an IBM PC, which was a big deal because not too many kids had computer in the 80s.  I think I was probably the only one in the neighborhood.  I remember playing flight simulator, typing tutor, and equestrian that were all loaded on a floppy disk.  Addison would laugh at my first computer especially since his first was an iMac.  What am I talking about Addison laughs at my 1980s graphics in my favorite kid movies.  "Mom that looks so fake."  Oh but the 80s were wonderful the movies, the music, the clothes, ok maybe not the clothes.

Oh back to me being a geek.  So in true fashion geekyness I got the iPhone 4S and I'm amazed.  The personal computer assistant, Siri,  is amazing.  She answers questions, texts and call people, search things on the web, set up appointments, and even can locate my family.  I'm telling you amazing.  I have been asking her questions today like, "How much wood can a wood chuck chuck"?  And she answers it.  You can even ask her some Star Trek humor like "Beam me up Scotty." and she replies "Hold Still."  (Yes, I was obsessed with Star Trek the First Generation when I  was younger.  And No, I never went to my prom or on any dates in high school.)  You can even tell her you need hide a body and she gives you options like a swamp, dumpsters, sewers, etc.  So Apple has made Siri assist you on my any things and have a little bit of humor too.

I try to explain to Addison that when I grew up at had "The Jetson" and "Space Odyssey".  By now we should have flying cars, be able to video call people, have robots do our work, and be able to teleport.  Well, we can do 2 of those things now.

Isn't technology great?

Oh before I go,  Addison had a great GUNCLE day.  He spent time with Michael and Daniel without us.  Michael has explained to me that GUNCLE day isn't for me it's for Addison.  I guess I'm glad he defined it for me. :)  The Uncles took Addison out to eat then an arcade and then he spent the night.  Addison brought over a few of his Xbox games so I think they probably stayed up playing games all night.  Saturday morning the woke up to run the 5K.  Addison did great!  He got 1st place in his category, 14 and under.  His time was 31:05.  Not bad for his first 5K and for it being a really hilly run.  I think running 5Ks will be something Addison and Uncle Daniel will start doing together.  

Well, I need to go and start making more birthday cards.  And hopefully start and finish the Halloween cards.

Bye for now,
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