It's October!!!

Fall is finally in the air and it's my favorite month.  October is not just my favorite month because Addison and The Godfather were born in October.  I also love that it's the beginning of Autumn, the leaves are changing, the air is cool and Halloween.  We are going to try to visit a corn maze and pumpkin patch this weekend or next weekend.  And I'm already thinking about making pumpkin pancakes this Sunday.  Pumpkin pancakes are a staple in our house during Autumn.   And I so want to drive to Asheville to see the leaves change but I don't know if we will be able to get there this month.  We have GUNCLE day this Saturday and then Addison's birthday party next weekend.  I guess we can try to do it the weekend before Halloween.  Time flies!

Speaking of Halloween I need to start making my Halloween cards.  I have been meaning to make them but I have had a lot of birthdays this month so I have been making a lot of birthday cards.  I also made Addison's invitations for his birthday party.  Here it is:

I also have been in a fall mood so I decided to make this card.  I am going to use it to send pictures of Addison to family and friends.  

Last Saturday, Vieng and I went to a photography class.  I knew a lot since I have read a photography book but the class really helped a lot with using my buttons on my camera.  I figured out a lot about my cameras features and it was fun to just walk around to take pictures.  Our instructor was getting his master's in photography and he said he loves my camera, which made me feel so cool.  :)  The one thing I learned that I will always remember is the smaller the aperture the less items will be in focus.  The larger the aperture the more items will be in focus.  The smaller the aperture the larger the depth of field.   This is a good way to remember it since the greater the aperture number (the f-stop) the smaller the aperture opening.  It think I got that right.  It's so confusing because it's so backwards and I'm so dyslexic.   

I like showing depth of field so this was great thing to learn.  

Here are some pictures I took during the class:

Here's Vieng!!!  :)

Here are some pictures of the cards using a really small f-stop.  

 This f-stop is a little bigger so I could get the thread and the card in focus.

 I'm excited to learn more about my camera and take the next photography class.

Now more about paper.....

Check out Oh So Beautiful Paper's tutorial here.  They give you a step by step on how the make a beautiful wedding invitation suite.  All you need is paper, stamps, ink and fabric.  I'm defiantly saving it for a special birthday party invitations.  Maybe for Grandma's or Nana's birthday parties?

Oh and I found another one of my favorite paper things, paper cutting.  It's Paper Cut Artwork by Tena Letica.  You can find her stuff here.  It's AMAZING.

If I only had the patience to sit and cut these.  Who am I kidding I'm an electronic nerd.  I need a laser paper cutter so I can do this.  :)

Oh before I go back to photography...

Check out these photos they are called Exploded Flowers.  You can buy them here.  

I am so ordering one or two of these prints.  I just don't know which two I want.  I actually want them all.  Aren't they beautiful?

Well, I hope everyone has an amazing weekend.  I will try to post sooner.  I don't have another test until 3 weeks so I think I will have some extra time to make cards, cook, and blog.

Talk to you soon.

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