October 23

Have I ever mentioned that Addison and The Godfather have the same birthday?  Yep, 12 years ago The Godfather got to see is Godson come into this world  At first when he found out Addison's due date was his birthday, he was not so excited about sharing his birthday.  We all believed babies were never born on their due dates so we told him not to worry about it.   But Addison is very precise and now we get to celebrate 2 special  people's births every year.  It worked out perfectly though and now the share something special together.  We call Addison The Godfather's "mini me".  And they are a lot alike in some ways.  They are both stubborn.  So October 23 is very special to us.  The Godfather keeps getting younger and Addison keeps getting older.

This birthday celebration was a lot more relaxed than most.  Addison just wanted to invite a few friends to Six Flags and The Godfather just wanted to have  dinner at his mom's.  This meant I didn't have to plan a big party.  Saturday, we went to Six Flags at 10 AM.  Addison invited 3 friends and Vieng and Matt came along.  One of the kids had never rode a roller coaster and this was the first time all of the kids were tall enough to ride all the rides.  I thought it was something special that Addison was finally tall enough to ride to big rides and we went for his 12th birthday.  Since, the kids were scared we decided to ride the Goliath first which is the tallest, fastest, scariest ride.  We  told them if you can do this ride you can do all of them. Well, they loved the Goliath and it was smooth sailing after that.

Around 2 we took a break and ate lunch.  Addison asked for chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting. So I made Rich Dark Chocolate cupcakes with Vanilla Swiss Meringue Buttercream.

I made them the night before and packed them for Six Flags.  We also decided it would better to pack lunch for everyone since Six Flags is not that good and really expensive.  We made Turkey and Ham sandwiches in the parking lot and had chips and drinks.  It was a little birthday picnic in the Six Flags parking lot.  I brought a candle and we put it on a cupcake and sung "Happy Birthday" to Addison.  Here's the video:

We ended up leaving Six Flags by 10 PM.  Yes, that's 12 hours with 4 pre-teen boys running around and standing on our feet all day.  I was EXHAUSTED when we finally got home.

Sunday, we went to The Godfather's mom's house for his birthday dinner.    She made Pho and it was delicious.  I made individual apple pies and individual lemon meringues.  The Godfather isn't really a cake person so tarts and pies are the best when baking for him.  We had a wonderful family dinner and it was nice to just relax and hang out.  Here some pictures of the tarts and pies.

I used my iPhone4S to take all these pictures and videos.  The picture quality is not has great as my DSLR but I still love my iPhone and it's easier to carry around.  Also with the long lines at Six Flags our iPhones came in handy to pass the time.  Some of the rides had an 1 hour and 30 minutes wait time.  

Well, I'm still tired from last weekend so I'm going to relax but here's the best picture from this weekend.  

P.S.  I 'm still working on finishing Halloween cards.  12 down 12 to go.  Then it's on to Thanksgiving cards then Christmas.  November is going to a hectic card making month.  I hope I can find the time.  

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