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Coffee and Espresso

So about 3 weeks ago we were at Williams Sonoma (my favorite store) to pick Fernanda's and John's wedding present. Of course I had to walk around for an hour and shop for myself.  Well, All Clad happened to be on sale and my wonderful husband got my a new sauté pan.  It's wonderful so big and deep.  The first time I used it a made Rosemary Chicken and I had so much extra room.

Ok that's enough about the pan.  This blog is really about espresso.  So after I picked out my new All clad. Tony showed us the new Nespresso machine.  He showed us how it worked and let us sample some yummy espresso.  We were really impressed.  JT drinks coffee everyday and I was thinking this would be a great Christmas present.  The only problem was we couldn't justify spending that much money on another coffee machine since we have the Keurig.

The wonderful Godfather gave us our Keurig 2 years ago for Christmas.  We love it!  We use it everyday.  But the Keurig only makes coffee not espresso.  I guess we could get a capsule for espresso but I don't think it would be the same.  I think what makes the Nespresso machine different is it gets hotter than the Keurig to make espresso.

Ok let me get to the reason I am mentioning the Nespresso machine.  I got an email yesterday that Williams Sonoma was having a sale on all their Nespresso.  They were 40% off.  Well, I took this as a sign and needed to snatch one up for JT.  Well, I got one but there's a bad thing.  I wanted the stainless steel one since all our appliances are stainless steel and our Keurig is stainless steel.  But the stainless still was on backorder until February 9.  So now we have to wait for over 8 weeks to receive it.  I guess it will be more like a Valentine's present.  :)

Well, here's a pic of our new machine.

It's the Citzi and Milk machine.  I can't wait to warm and froth milk and have espresso at a push of a button.  I will make better coffee than Starbucks.  People will come over and want to have my coffee and espresso.  I will have fresh baked goods for everyones coffee and espresso.  Ok now I am just getting crazy.  If you want to check out the machine and the demo you can check it out here.  

Oh and I found a Nespresso commercial with George Clooney.  How funny?

Well, I need to go to class.  I have only 2 more weeks of class and then graduation!!!

I'm back and Happy Holidays!!!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.

Why is it that every time I want to start blogging 3 days a week, I end up being so busy that I can't blog for 2 weeks?  I think I jinx myself.  I am thinking in my head wow everything is going so great.  I have time to do so much and then BAM!  there is no time.

Let's see the last time I blogged I was getting over a cold which Addison and JT ended up getting.  I was going to John and Frenanda's wedding, which was a beautiful wedding. Catholic weddings are so beautiful to me  And it was not too long, it was just right.  The reception was at the Four Seasons and that was beautiful as well.  It was nice seeing a family come together.  Fernanda is from Brazil and John is from Philadelphia.  It was an interesting mix at the wedding.  Everyone coming together for love and happiness.  It is what the world should be like all the time.  After, the reception the bride and groom convinced my old butt to go to the after party which was a dance club.  I have done all the clubs in my past but know I am more like a house party type of girl.  JT and I did stay at the club with them until it was closed and I was proud of myself that I stayed out that late.  I guess Momma still's got it.  :)

Oh and I got to wear my Anthro bird skirt to the wedding.  I am very happy with that purchase.  I also wore it to Liz's birthday dinner, which was an amazing meal at The Shed.  Liz knows the chef so he made a special menu for her and all her 30 friends.  We had pan fried chicken hearts, duck, chicken liver, butter bean hummus, steak, homemade ding dongs, and so much more I don't remember it all.  It was an incredible meal and I want Liz to help JT organize my birthday party.

After all those festivities, I needed to finish crafting.  I ended up making 50 Thanksgiving cards and those who live in Georgia got theirs before Thanksgiving.  I am very proud of these.  I think they are the best ones yet.

I have also made 3 yarn wreaths to give out as gifts.  Here is a picture of one I made.

I am really happy how they are turning out.  I want to make about 5 more and I want them to be done in about a week or two.  What am I thinking? I guess I won't be blogging a lot this week.  Wait, I also need to start and finish Christmas Cards.

I have also found 4 crafts I want to make before Christmas.  Two were found in the December issue of Martha Stewart's Living Magazine.   And one I found in the Decemember issue of Anthology.

1.  Painting Ornaments from Martha Stewart's Living Magazine - a great project for Addison

2. Martha's Christmas Pyramid Cake Topper - I think it will be fun project for the family and I think it is awesome that the candles will turn the wheel.

3. Cross Stitching Tea Towels - I used to love to cross stitch when I was younger.  I was thinking making tea towels for Christmas presents would be a great holiday gift.

4. Painting personal apron and recipe cards from Anthology magazine - Oh I have to make these for my friends who love to cook.

Oh I wish a I had the power to stop time so I could get all this stuff done.  :)

Oh and I did bake for Thanksgiving.

Pumpkin Pie

Bourbon Pecan Pie

And I made Shredded Pork and Beans last night.

So I have had time to cook and bake.  So I am not too busy.

Well hopefully I will talk to you guys soon.  Bye for now.

Sick of this cold

Sorry I have not blogged this week but I caught a bad cold.  I started feeling sick around Saturday and then by Monday I was down for the count.  The bad thing is I had my last test in Numerical Methods Wednesday.  So I spent Monday and Tuesday in bed studying.  I am feeling better now and I think I did ok on my test but now Addison is sick.  He has a horrible cough and he's just trying to get through this week of school.  He has one test and 3 quizzes I'm praying that he won't miss.  It's not looking so good right now.  Speaking of Addison. Monday (before he started getting sick) Addison cleaned the whole house without me even asking him.  I was amazed.  He vacuumed the whole house, cleaned his bathroom, mopped the floors, cleaned his room, and did two loads of laundry.  And when I say cleaned I mean he really cleaned.  His room hasn't looked this good in a while.  And he didn't just wash two loads, he put them up too.  I am blessed to have such a wonderful child.

Well, since I have been sick all week I have not cooked or baked (or cleaned Addison did that).  But I have watched a lot of cooking shows.  :)  I did start crafting Christmas wreaths Saturday and am hoping to finish them by Thanksgiving.  I also have figured out what our Thanksgiving card is going to look like this year.  I just have to make 29 more.  I have decided to do a little every day and I should be done in a week.  I also need to start working on Christmas tags.  I only get to see JT's dad's side of the family on Thanksgiving,  so I thought it would be nice to make tags to give to them this year.  I have some great Christmas stamps and metal dies that would make some great tags and I do have ribbon galore.  I will post some pictures soon.  I know I am putting too much on my plate.  That's why I decided to make tags instead of making them 12 Christmas cards each.  Speaking of Christmas cards I need to start working on those too but after I finish everything else.  My next week is going to be very very busy.

Ok let me stop thinking about everything I need to get done and lets talk about paper.  I of course went to my favorite website  They had the most amazing 1st birthday invitations.  Here they are.

I so love the gold foil and the pink, gold and navy blue together.  I am really thinking it is time for me to have a little girl.  You can check the post out here.

Oh I got my boots and I love them.  I only have worn them three time but I am breaking them in nicely.  It is nice to have tall boots in this cold weather.  Where did our Autumn go?  How is it Winter already?  I am very happy that I have a new jacket that puts a smile on my face every time I wear it because it is really cold and I don't want to go anywhere.

This weekend is our neighbor John's wedding.  I hope it will warm up a little bit so I can be cute.  See my problem is I hate hose or tights.  I have about 3 pairs of tights and I wear them if it's freezing but I prefer not to wear them.  They always end up falling down and I end up having to pull them up all night.  I would rather just wear heels and have bare legs.  I am thinking I will probably be fine since the wedding starts at 3 PM and then the reception is at 6 PM.  I am thinking I will be indoors before it gets really cold.  Oh and I am wearing the most beautiful skirt to the wedding.  Here it is:

It is has a gold shimmer tone (if that makes sense).  I can't wait to wear it.  Next weekend I have a birthday party dinner to attend and I am thinking of wearing it there also.  It's from Anthropolgie of course.

Oh I need to mention the reason why have been going crafty crazy, it is because of  It is a great way to pin things that inspire you on virtual boards.  The great thing is it inspires me to create so many things.  The bad thing is it is addicting.  I have spent countless hours pinning things on my virtual boards.  I don't know when I am going to find time to create all these things.

Well, I need to help the sick child study.  I leave you with an image I found on Pinterest.


Fashion! Fashion! Fashion!

I have been thinking about fashion since my last post.  So yesterday I spent an hour on looking at all my favorite designers.  The iPad app is amazing, you can look through pictures and videos of past fashion shows.  I usually keep up with the runway shows but have been so busy.  So yesterday I looked through Fall 2010 Ready to Wear and of course a couple of Fall 2010 Contour shows.  I have decided to post my favorites.

1. Marc Jacobs - His wonderful polka dots this season.

2.  Marc by Marc Jacobs - great Fall colors, this is the reason I love Fall

3. Louis Vuitton (still Marc Jacobs) -  words can't even describe

4. Christian Dior - so theatrical and beautiful and totally 80s

5. Chanel - look at those amazing Chanel suits

6. Valentino - Incredibly feminine

7. Alexander McQueen- incredible fur jackets

8. Alice and Oliva - more my style.  I could actually see myself in these pieces.

9. Burberry - they make the best jackets.

Speaking of Burberry I was obsessed with the jackets last year from the Fall 2009 RTW show.  They are amazing!!

I really want the last two ones.  When I win the lottery they will be mine.  :)  Well, if you get some time check out, you won't be disappointed.

Oh my Anthro jacket just arrived.  I'm still waiting on the boots.  Well, back to reality, cooking, studying, baking, and crafts.   I love Marc Jacobs.  :)