Coffee and Espresso

So about 3 weeks ago we were at Williams Sonoma (my favorite store) to pick Fernanda's and John's wedding present. Of course I had to walk around for an hour and shop for myself.  Well, All Clad happened to be on sale and my wonderful husband got my a new sauté pan.  It's wonderful so big and deep.  The first time I used it a made Rosemary Chicken and I had so much extra room.

Ok that's enough about the pan.  This blog is really about espresso.  So after I picked out my new All clad. Tony showed us the new Nespresso machine.  He showed us how it worked and let us sample some yummy espresso.  We were really impressed.  JT drinks coffee everyday and I was thinking this would be a great Christmas present.  The only problem was we couldn't justify spending that much money on another coffee machine since we have the Keurig.

The wonderful Godfather gave us our Keurig 2 years ago for Christmas.  We love it!  We use it everyday.  But the Keurig only makes coffee not espresso.  I guess we could get a capsule for espresso but I don't think it would be the same.  I think what makes the Nespresso machine different is it gets hotter than the Keurig to make espresso.

Ok let me get to the reason I am mentioning the Nespresso machine.  I got an email yesterday that Williams Sonoma was having a sale on all their Nespresso.  They were 40% off.  Well, I took this as a sign and needed to snatch one up for JT.  Well, I got one but there's a bad thing.  I wanted the stainless steel one since all our appliances are stainless steel and our Keurig is stainless steel.  But the stainless still was on backorder until February 9.  So now we have to wait for over 8 weeks to receive it.  I guess it will be more like a Valentine's present.  :)

Well, here's a pic of our new machine.

It's the Citzi and Milk machine.  I can't wait to warm and froth milk and have espresso at a push of a button.  I will make better coffee than Starbucks.  People will come over and want to have my coffee and espresso.  I will have fresh baked goods for everyones coffee and espresso.  Ok now I am just getting crazy.  If you want to check out the machine and the demo you can check it out here.  

Oh and I found a Nespresso commercial with George Clooney.  How funny?

Well, I need to go to class.  I have only 2 more weeks of class and then graduation!!!
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