Fashion! Fashion! Fashion!

I have been thinking about fashion since my last post.  So yesterday I spent an hour on looking at all my favorite designers.  The iPad app is amazing, you can look through pictures and videos of past fashion shows.  I usually keep up with the runway shows but have been so busy.  So yesterday I looked through Fall 2010 Ready to Wear and of course a couple of Fall 2010 Contour shows.  I have decided to post my favorites.

1. Marc Jacobs - His wonderful polka dots this season.

2.  Marc by Marc Jacobs - great Fall colors, this is the reason I love Fall

3. Louis Vuitton (still Marc Jacobs) -  words can't even describe

4. Christian Dior - so theatrical and beautiful and totally 80s

5. Chanel - look at those amazing Chanel suits

6. Valentino - Incredibly feminine

7. Alexander McQueen- incredible fur jackets

8. Alice and Oliva - more my style.  I could actually see myself in these pieces.

9. Burberry - they make the best jackets.

Speaking of Burberry I was obsessed with the jackets last year from the Fall 2009 RTW show.  They are amazing!!

I really want the last two ones.  When I win the lottery they will be mine.  :)  Well, if you get some time check out, you won't be disappointed.

Oh my Anthro jacket just arrived.  I'm still waiting on the boots.  Well, back to reality, cooking, studying, baking, and crafts.   I love Marc Jacobs.  :)

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